What Really Happened to the Oxy-Contin

This is really messing up my life, and the lives of my children. I have no clue what to do. Here it goes-
My entire family accused me of stealing prescription medications from my mother while she was dying of pancreatic cancer three years ago. She was ambulatory, alert, lucid until the last week of her life. She was on multiple meds including Ativan, Xanax, morphine, Fentanyl patches, Ambien, and Oxy-Contin. My 18 year old brother still lived at home, so she kept her drugs in a safe in the closet. She didn't trust his friends. The safe had 2 keys. One around her neck, she other on dad's keys. Dad lived in another state but they still were married and involved. He moved for work. He came to her every weekend.
It was no secret I like pills. I like Ativan and Xanax, and mom would give me 2 or 3 from time to time. I never asked, nor did I steal. I can't take Oxy-Contin, though. Once, I picked up her meds from the hospital. She told me to take 3 Ativan, I took Oxy (similar looking). I was really sick. Never took one again.
Pills has been disappearing for months. Just a few at a time. My brother had been selling pills for two years. Mom knew. He said he was buying them online and having them shipped to some dumb girl's house. She knew he liked pills too, but not to what degree. He'd been blowing and banging them for a while. Oxy was his favorite to shoot-up. I knew but I never told anyone because I didn't want her to worry in her final stages of life. Dad likes pills, too. She would actually mail them to him. I always decorated the packages to look like holiday themed crap for her.
One day, half a bottle of Oxy went AWOL. I was blamed and since I had no access to keys I thought it'd blow over. It didn't. I was treated very badly from that point on.
Immediately after her death, my dad and brother split up her meds between them. My bro took the Oxy (in liquid form), the morphine, and the Fentanyl. Dad took the Ativan, Xanax, and Ambien. They did this right after the coroner left mom's house, and right before hospice arrived. It was just the three of us there. I was disgusted with them both.
Now, I am the black sheep pf my family. Mom never did accuse me, but she didn't defend me. She knew who it was. I'm not mad at her. It's okay.
I haven't seen my aunts and uncles since she passed. Just my dad and brother. My grandma passed away. I wasn't even told until a week past her funeral. My family has not even seen my 9 month old son. My dad moved on with some other woman, my brother is in college, but is shooting heroin at an alarming rate.
Before I get comments about being a family of drug addicts... Dad has a phD, I have a Master's, my bro's on his way to a Bachelor's. We are not trash. We are valuable members of society. Our addictions are still addictions.

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  • I was put on Ativan while they messed around trying to find what was wrong with me. Ativan was the first. Just made me dizzy. Now, finally, Lamictal (so much better than Dilantin) for epilepsy. I TOLD them it wasn't depression. But the second drug, Paxil. F****. You Up. Hated it.

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