New fun

For the first time ever my wife brought home a friend after a night at the club, We have discussed it and role played a little but I never really thought it would happen. I was in the living room having a beer when they came stumbling in, Giggling and carrying on.
My wife's friend Nikki is not a super hottie or anything, A few extra pounds but huge boobies so whatever, My wife just led me to the bedroom, locked the door which I don't know why because the kids were all away that night. They started out blowing me together, I got to have her friend sit her big bushy s***** on my face, She actually has a nice tight p****, Just lots of curly pubes.
We got into a position, My wife on her back, Me over top f****** her mouth and then her friend laid in front of me so I was licking her, Pretty hot. I tried to get them to eat each other out and it kinda/sorta worked, My wife spread her legs and her friend licked her p**** for about 10-15 seconds before my wife squirmed away saying it was too weird. I pounded her friend missionary and my wife played with her friends giant b**** and I got her to suck on her nipples while she came and vice versa, her friend was more adventurous and I got her friend to play with my wife's c*** while sucking her t*** and I pounded her and then she came, I ended up dumping a load in her friend doggy.
The two of them laid side by side and played with themselves which took about 14 seconds for me to get hard again, I dumped a load in my wife and one more in her friend that night and then we all slept together in the same bed, I woke up snuggled up to her friend so I got to play with her t*** in the morning, When her friend woke up she got shy and bolted so i hammer f***** my wife for a bit and gave her my morning load. All involved had a good time and I would def do it again if it was offered.

Jan 6, 2021

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  • Tell the wife you had the best time of your life and can't wait to do it all over again.

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