Can't seem to stop

I posted before about cheating on my husband with a random guy I met on line and ended up giving a bj to, well we went to the next stage and I am more ashamed than ever.
He contacted me back after I sent him a message saying we shouldnt be doing this and managed to pursuade me to meet up and 'chat' about things.
Well loads of compliments later, I'm overweight and very conscious of the fact, and I'm like putty in his hands.
He asked if he could pop over and as my husband works days I was considering it but was pretty sure that a neighbour would see and say something. We live just outside Great Yarmouth and everyone knows everyone else.
Anyway I agreed to meet and was picked up about 2 streets over.
Again loads of compliments and his hand on my leg moving up under my skirt to my knickers.
I didn't stop him, again, and we went out to the country. I was really nervous because I knew exactly what was going to happen. So back to the same d****** spot but no one was there so I was a bit more relaxed.
He pushes my dress down over my t*** and lifts it up removing my knickers at the same time.
Into the back seat with my feet on the roof and his head between my legs licking my p**** like a man possessed when I look back and see a man outside stroking his c*** and taking pictures on his phone. I tell my lover who looks up, laughs and then goes back down, easing 4 fingers into me. Well I've gone beyond the point of no return by this time and just lay back enjoying it but getting more anxious because of the stranger.
So lover gets his c*** out and starts to f*** me hard and when I look back again stranger is joined by 2 others, all wanking and taking pictures.
As soon as he comes in me I get up, put my t*** away and jump back into the passenger seat. We drive away and I feel his c** pouring out my pounded p**** when I realise that my knickers are back in the car park. I get dropped off and walk home obviously getting back before my husband.
I now have a few issues because I seem to have become a s***. Firstly lover wants a repeat performance but I'm not sure I can go through that again.
And secondly the pictures the strangers took. I know they will be going onine, I just know it. My husband doesn't look at p*** as far as I am aware but Yarmouth and Caister are small places so who knows who may see them.
Just hope the guys were more discreet.

Jan 8, 2021

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  • I love sexting and I’d love to hear from you Helen if that’s the sort of fun you’d prefer!

  • How though?

  • I can put an email address on here and go from there!

  • OK that sounds good, maybe it will get me out of this habit

  • As uncomfortable as this experience was. Did you enjoy telling it? Was it as exciting writing it down. I find a huge turn on confessing sexy secrets! And reading them too, especially yours!

  • It was exciting actually, therapeutic even

  • In what way? Did you like reliving the moment, does it keep it fresh in your mind? Make you excited again?

  • Helen. I live in the Yarmouth area too and know exactly what you mean about privacy. It’s not worth it someone will know. Sounds like you’re just enjoying the attention and the s** but you shouldn’t be feeling so uncomfortable that’s not good. You should end this before you and hubby get hurt. This guy sounds like he’s playing you and using you. I’m sure you know that, you deserve better!

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