Michael an idol i spent a horrible ghost night with never accept

Since I can't get graphic I just want to get out how I spent a night of regret with someone years ago who has since become famous and has ruined my life...each and every day of it I'm miserable because of this horrible night I spent with a guy nick named 'beetlejuice'. He confessed to me how one day he was going to create a secret service and where he was going to prove spirits exist and thatthere was apsychic experiment that was dirty and that the government was going to use this year. This guy uses a vvideo camera all the time and. Is basically a eping tom...both audio and video wis. I wish I could say everything that was done to me because of one horrible excusne of a man but. Its too sick. I can only hope that when I'm gone karma will take care of him for this sick perversion and h*** that he has caused for me and to my family and friends. He ruined my entire life. I will never forgive him and I will eternally hate him for the sick evil he brought into my life. I hope he knows how much I will always hate him and that he is the single most disgusting thing I have ever encountered in my life. I hope what he did to me haunts him forever and that the same comes back to him ten fold and ten fold to every scum that helped him. He is by far the face of everything that is evil in this world. I'm now convinced I've looked into the face of the devil. Beware of facebook...hollywood uses it for sick experiments.

Sep 6, 2012

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  • Wow that sounds intense...well best of luck to you... I think you really need it now O.O

  • LEARN TO F****** SPELL AND WRITE A******!

  • What...? You're not making any sense..Explain what he did or no ones really gonna be able to help you.

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