I hate chinese (strong language!)

Why are chinese still everywhere after they infect the whole world? Are we just going to let them get away with such horrible crime? Chinese often brag about their 5000 years of history while pathetic is they have made zero contribution to human race instead only spread diseases and destroy other cultures. CCP is now genociding uyghurs but chinese people show zero compassion. They only know how to defend their evil government. Maybe they are just evil. If they can keep everything to themselves, I’m fine with it. However, they are invading globally, every time I see bunch of these emotionless face gathering together in my community, I start to worry about our future, worry about humanity, are we eventually going to be all like these subhuman? There are 1.5 billion of them around the world. Just too much, at least have to keep them under 1 billion.

Jan 8, 2021

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  • White slavers complaining

  • Your kind screwed over half of the during your colonial season . What the fxck about that ? Whities screwed over my country just few decades back , not to mention it require 8 nations to take down the dragon back then . Good luck for now . I am not the chinks , and your western days are over , whole world watching , good luck buying gas with rubbles

  • Chinks should be wiped out with their evil bloodline. An extermination camp is where these subhumans should be placed in.

  • You disgust me

  • I sense you lack a full understanding and have made hasty generalizations based on the info you do understand. This is totally understandable and I’m not judging, this is human nature literally everyone does it to some extent however I think your perspective may be having some harmful effects on your worldview. I’m just going to make a bullet list trying to correct some things you said.
    •While the virus did originate in China its not really the individual chinese fault, it wasn’t intentional. Disease outbreaks like this are expected and have happened all throughout history.

    •The Chinese have actually contributed a lot to humanity such as inventing gunpowder, paper, printing, and the compass. These were all revolutionary inventions. Along with this they also have a very interesting complex culture, beautiful art etc

    • The Chinese government is horrible for the genocide, you can’t really blame it on the Chinese citizens though. Also don’t forget the many many genocides started by Europeans. This isn’t the Chinese being “subhuman, emotionless,” etc. this is a horrible thing that humans of pretty much all cultures and races have at one point participated in

    •Lastly I urge you to try to understand the Chinese culture and people before seeing them as subhuman or evil. This is an extreme conclusion to jump to and it’s harmful. Their culture is quite different and can be hard to understand but they are absolutely just as the rest of us when it comes down to it.

    Peace and love, wish you well.

  • F*** you op! NMSL

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