British Mum's Sensual Undergarments Etc

I was a bit naive on this subject being brought up in a Church going family. Had a discussion with a few of my more experienced than me on the subject . Go slow at first by just going through her underwear drawer and have a feel at her petticoat's and kickers etc ,but if you really want to see her wearing them under her skirt ,otheir suggestions were as follow pretend your reading the newspaper move your eyes under the paper to seen if she's showing if so sit as long as you can looking under the newspaper you are reading then as you slowly start to feel an erection coming on go into the bathroom and mastrubate to her views she had been showing you they said that it does great wonders and for your ego and confidence to go further if you have the real desire to start looking up your Mum's skirt. I had the glimpse of my Aunts and Mum's friends to compare the petticoat's they were wearing to my Mum's but my real desire was to look up my Mum's skirt and make her aware that I was looking up her skirt this didn't happen until a few years later.

Moving on a few years to when I was 19 my Mum was 61 years old at the time She used to wash and iron on a Monday also did my sister's as she was working ,all the other siblings were married by this time including my sister it was just Mum ,Dad , and myself at . This Monday evening she was doing her usual ironing shirts my sister's intimates and her own gorgeous silky ones. I decided to be brave and stand beside her looking at her intimate things she was ironing ,Mum must have realized that I was looking at her things and said can you go into the kitchen and make a cup of tea ,I won't be long until I've finished so go and do that for with remarks like I'm good to you. Take out of that what you like was was she reffering to me looking at her undergarments in her drawer or watching her ironing or looking up her skirt or both obviously she read my inquisitive mind don't you think ,she said leave my tea on the hearth at the fire be in a minute. Thought I will go and get the chair opposite her's and may get a view up her to my surprise and amazement she leaned forward to pick up the tea cup her legs as far open as far as the skirt she was wearing would allow I thought OMG what a wonderful view had never seen up her skirt like this before every bit of her intimate's were showing my only caution was this intended or by accident or both after that she sat the rest of the night flashing her petticoat until my Dad came in had real problems concealing my erection from her in case of embarrassing both of us. Before going through too her bed she came into my room to put some of my clothes away,dressed only in her lovely blue silky petticoat with outlines of her stocking tops and suspendered girdle ,silky knicker she must have seen me ogling all those intimate views. This was a religious woman we were talking about doing those things with me in the room. After she left I had a really exciting mastrubation tooooo her with c** all over my pj's and she never said a word to me the next morning as she came into my room for the laundry. Why not. As time went by for years even after i was married she would allow time to sit with me showing various positions views from her to cut a long story short . After that I boldly always let her see my bulge in my trousers highlighting it by pouting it out at her while enjoying her views she would just smile at me by this time I had reached the point of j****** in my pocket things didn't go any further than that no incest or touching one another either think we were quite happy if no one was around she would never ever send me away without giving me an exciting time or sending me away with a full c*** this went on for years even if she was in my car I would hold the door and look up her as she was stepping out of the car . She helped greatly by keeping my stress levels over the years down. Some may think this weird it was all innocent fun and relaxing.

Jan 12, 2021

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  • Yes for years my mom played with me and my head. I must have c** a thousand times for her.

  • You are certainly were a lucky boy that your mum would pleasure you in that way did you have a dad at the time?????? and did your mum show you upskirts a lot . Mine did but she didn't touch me in anyway but made me always want to pocket w*** to her views which she didn't object to me seeing.

  • Has anyone else had this experience in their life regarding their own Mum's memories like that from years ago. Even if their Mum is no longer here.

  • What do you mean yes please give some details to your yes Reply

  • Exactly

  • Yes lots of them although my never ever played with my c***. She allowed me always tooOoo look up her skirt and w*** to her views e in my pocket eg her silky petticoat, stockings and suspenders, silky white older fashioned knickers with lots of materials to ooo see . Anyone else had this experience with their older Mothers. Would be interested to hear about it.

  • Yes

  • Don't keep it a secret share the details.

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