Anybody else ?

My wife and I have been married 40yrs but when we first started dating I was going through a bad divorce and was pretty insecure at the time and used to set my wife ( now ) little tasks ? When she was having her period she wasn't adventurous at 20yrs old I was 27 had many girl friends ! So at first she used give me B.J's , handjobs she used tell me stories about different things and one night started talking about her mum after a few moments she stopped talking and said she couldn't tell me anymore as she had promised her mum no one would find out , I insisted I wouldn't tell any one and I found her mum very attractive and during s** when we were asking who we would have a threesome with her mum's name was mentioned and I said I would without a doubt have s** with her . This night I had a BJ and she was wanking me and I had she knew a thing about used panties she ran into her house saying call of nature and when she came out started again but half way through a BJ stopped got something from her pocket and put it up to my nose ( it was a small pair of Red Panties ) taken off by her mum 30mins before still sticky and very scented she pushed them tight to my nose and told me about catching her mum sucking a neighbour's c*** at a party approx a year before and they had talked and her mum told her he had pestered her until she gave in the once a BJ and full s** . The neighbour still lived two doors away and had been to a meeting with her mum and Dad that night hence the panties being heavily scented ! From that time on she either bought her mum's or one of her close friends who she knew I liked and would give me a handjob while describing their bodies and if she had kissed or touched the girls in question what had gone on and also if her mum had had s** with her dad or the nieghbour . We went onto have many sexual adventures with men and women friends or people we met in pubs we still have s** on regular basis and enjoy it more now and sometimes relive old stories this is true it was the start of a long happy adventure .

Nov 19, 2019

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