Wife's seduction

As a married couple our sexual attraction was fantastic. I approved of her style of dress, not too provocative but none the less thought provoking! She is alluring, 5ft 5" with heels 5'8". 122lb reddish brn hair w/green eyes. Whatever she wore she'd catch your eye and her personality was very engaging. I would always comment to her when we were alone how her sexuality was such a presence when we were out at a Pub or Restaurant. She admitted she does notice her effect on admirers and plays along with her flirtatious behavior. So I encouraged her to wear short skirts or tight dresses that would exhibit her body. She loved to dress sexy, and she became more daring. Of course I encouraged her, I didn't want her mad & upset that I secretly wanted to see her seduced. There were several aquaintance's that She knew from work that asked her out which she told me about, but confided She wasn't interested. I told her, Baby, You can handle herself in any situation, be yourself, have fun know your boundaries. She mentioned on joining a Woman's Group, which I encouraged. At these functions She was well received & noticed. And of course Her appearance, along with a few other woman were very engaging. Seeing my Wife at these events wearing revealing tight dresses with stiletto's sitting with her legs crossed laughing & flirting was a big turn on for me, knowing She too was getting turned on and excited by the attention. When alone and intimate She'd confess how hot sexually she was, and confessed She'd secretly desired to _ucked but was worried she can't because she's married. Now knowing her intimate thought of being seduced and engaging sexually with another man, I couldn't just say, hey its ok baby, go _uck so and so. I just said be yourself, sexy desirable & in control. Its your body, your neck, your b******, your legs, your hot wet _ussy & ass. I said, I love making love to you, your a great _uck a very desirable woman who loves s** and knows what she wants! Your beautiful and very desirable. That seemed to loosen her up quite a bit. Over the next weeks, she was more open to the attractions of men we meet when we were out . She even when asked would dance with asked sometimes at Lounges we were at. And this never happened before! I could see her attitude changed about her sexuality and I would casually coax her to, cross your legs baby, so I can see those gorgeous creamy thighs & butt, and she'd laugh, oh, you're going to get me h**** if you do! So little by little for us, we both enjoyed the sensual tension it created and she played along comfortable with her sexuality, and allowing herself to go as far as she wanted . There was no alcohol induced binges. We had a few drinks but she was never fall down drunk. I allowed her to be in control of what she wanted, when she decided, not me to have a sexual experience with someone else. Never considered it cheating. She wasn't running off anywhere, we both knew our limits, and decided to allow each other encounters, that were just casual for s** & pleasure nothing else. We've read about Couples or Husbands that desire their wives be seduced. Why don't you try to encourage each other's sexuality, and have a more lasting experience for both of you, and see what happens with you're marriage. Be partners, be lovers! We enjoy all the confessions!

Jan 13, 2021

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  • What if your wife was seduced by some other man in the astral world and her husband refused to believe her?

  • I have tried to block/dislike my twin flame however, I just can't! I end up feeling so guilty and in the end I still LOVE them. Having someone <3 me in the astral world, is just so HOT! It's the best S**!

  • Her physical experience was I think her seduction of her encounter with her new partner. one thing about my wife's personality is she's very engaging, She'll ask you what you want, what she expects, ask's you for it, a take charge lady who exhibits an intense sexual presence which I encourage. if you enjoy erotic sexual pleasure, a interlude with her is numbing. many exclaim their new found love and forsake their current women, s** is what we all what besides happiness & being secure. Great question!

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