It happened really fast

For 8 months i been hanging out with my older cousin drinking and the night's i do he makes sure i get home safe and he likes to hang out with me when im on my own at home im only 13 and having a 17 yo showing me attention was nice i ended up telling him that ive slept with two lads from school and he changed towards me saying i looked cute and should wear short skirts to show my cute butt off i just got used to him being that way towards me and midday yesterday he was no different when my mum popped to the shop she left and he knocked on my bedroom door and stuck his head round and was saying i looked really sexy and fully opened the door and walked in naked with a b**** right up to me when i asked him what he wanted he just said you and got me to start giving him a b****** it was happening so fast he then got me to strip off and when i tried to cover up with my hands he pulled them away saying he wanted to see all of me and then took me by the hand and ended up downstairs and thought he wanted me to finish off what he got me to do upstairs but he got me to lay on the sofa and keep my legs spread and he got a condom out of his jeans and put it on i just layed there as he put it in and began having s** with me i told him it was hurting and he said that's a good thing and got harder and stopped i thought it was over and he then bent me over the arm of the sofa with my butt in the air and carried on it was only then i noticed the condom on the floor and it was to late to stop him he had already c** and putting all his weight on me saying i was beautiful when my mum came back he acted normal he told me before he left not to take the pill and be ready for tomorrow night.

Jan 13, 2021

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