Okay. Here goes. New to this and kinda trembly.
I’m an 18yo pansexual girl from Newcastle England.
I have put my confession under the category of “s**” even though it is way more than s** to me.
I have been sniffing my used knickers for as long as can remember.
Mostly out of curiosity than anything else. I think people exploring themselves is something Be celebrated. But exploring other people without them knowing....

I was 15 or 16. 15. When during a sleepover at my best friends house I took my sniffing “thing” to a new level. Now I’m not attracted to her. She’s beautiful. Just not my type. If ya get me. But I was on her floor and she was in bed. I saw a pair of quite obviously used knickers under her bed and I instinctively grabbed them and put them on my backpack. Completely forgot they were there until the next night when I was sorting my bag for school. I sniffed them and grossed myself out. But later that night whilst masturbating I reached for them again and properly inhaled them. I sniffed them so hard and I felt.....alive. It wasn’t just between my legs. I felt like I could take over the world. And I came like a train.

Still very close to her. But I have been feeling guilty the older we’ve gotten. She isn’t into girls.

Was this a terrible invasion of privacy?

Dare I tell her??

Hope you’re all well.

Aly. X

Jan 15

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  • Why don’t you just tell her you read a story about a girl that like to smell her own knickers and see what she says about it . I’m sure many girls do it

  • Yum this has got me so hard.

  • That was naughty, but from your perspective, understandable. The answer may lie in how much of a friend is she, to you. Also, how understanding would she be, if you told her. It’s a risk to tell her, it could threaten your relationship, but it could enhance it, sharing a secret like that. Only you will know what to do.
    I hope it goes well for you..

  • That’s the thing, we share everything. We know each other’s experiences, thoughts and feelings...this is the one thing I’m keeping from her. And it’s not like I want to be with her in that way. Thank you for your advice. Growing up sucks

  • You are intimate friends then. Sharing everything except your secret, That is a real dilemma. If you talk about sexual feelings and thoughts, you could try testing out her possible reaction by exploring a similar topic. If it’s too much to risk her friendship, you will have to learn to live with your secret. What you did was naughty, but not very bad either. Us humans are strange creatures and sexual things can lead us down paths that in retrospect we worry about or regret. Do not be h****** yourself though. You sound like a decent person, that is more important.

  • Thank you. You’re awesome

  • Keep it to yourself eventually you’ll find someone who understands and you can share this desire with.

  • Thank you. I hope it didn’t come across too creepy

  • No not creepy. You are learning about yourself, about life.

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