Made to go without knickers

My name is Sally and I’m a 24 year old girl. My newish boyfriend said he loves his girls to go without knickers. As it was his birthday on the weekend I went out in a micro mini skirt and no knickers just to treat him but he now insists I don’t wear knickers at all. I haven’t worn any since the weekend and I really like him so don’t want to let him down but it can be quite embarrassing. At work yesterday my boss (another lady) said she saw I didn’t have on knickers and said she didn’t mind but said the guys in the warehouse will think I’m a s*** so I should be careful. I felt a bit ashamed but also kind of h****. I need to go to the warehouse quite a bit over the next few days so am dreading it a bit but also kind of turned on. Sally xoxoxo

Feb 22

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  • Things have got worse for me. My boyfriend invited ten of his mates over last night and insisted I wear a really short mini dress and still no knickers. It didn’t completely cover my ass cheeks and barely covered my p****. I was forced to service them all however they wanted. Some wanted BJs including two who wanted to come over my face. And the others wanted to bang me. One even wanted to f*** me in the a***. All while my boyfriend looked on. He was really turned on and f***** me really hard when they had all left. I then had to wear the same outfit to go to brunch this morning which was really hard - I had to keep pulling down my dress to stop people seeing my bare a*** but not sure it worked! Oh dear!!! Sally xoxoxo

  • So on Saturday night my boyfriend made me wear this really short denim shirt dress which has big slits up the side, and no knickers on still. Ive only worn it before with leggings generally and once with boy shorts so it felt really sexy without any knickers. We went out to a house party at a friend of his and there was no one there I knew. We all sat around on the floor chatting so it was so embarrassing as I think everyone saw up my dress - but then the girls there were the worst, like suggesting playing Twister!!! (Not played since I was 17) - thankfully they didn’t have it!! Think my boyfriend was disappointed!! Sally xoxoxo

  • Sally enjoy the freedom of going without panties, it’s known to be healthier for you to less likely to get a yeast infection. If it embarrasses you at work then don’t wear the micro minis there, wear a skirt halfway down your thighs. Make them work to see up your skirt

  • Thank you! It is actually really nice to feel that free and light. My boyfriend has been choosing my outfits all this week so a few times I had to wear a micro mini but I was in the office so not so bad, although it was quite hard to keep my dignity and I am sure my colleagues saw up my skirt a few times but no one said anything. Today was actually a thigh length dress but actually quite fun as I could relax a bit more so I suspect they saw up my dress more!! Sally xoxoxo

  • I liked other men seeing my girlfriends c****. It will only be a matter of time until your boyfriend brings other guys over so that he can watch you f*** them. Enjoy having a lot of men f*** you.

  • Not sure how I feel about that but I’ve always had a fantasy about being banged by a load of guys - like being tied up and f***** as much as they want to f*** me - and if it was my boyfriend’s mates I guess it wouldn’t feel scary? Sally xoxoxo

  • My wife refuses, shes says "I'm a lady". I said "lady" you s*** with the door wide open, you're a hillbilly.

  • I wished my 6th grade teacher would have done that. I caught her sitting a few times where I could peek a bit of panties.

  • I've asked my wife to do this many times and she has complied. Somethin naughty bout a girl with no panties.

  • :) Yes feels really naughty for me, and my boyfriend loves it! We are just about to head out now to the supermarket and he has said I have to wear a really very short denim short dress and no knickers. I used to wear it with leggings before as it is so short so it feels really naughty now wearing it with bare legs and no knickers!! This is crazily short and I feel nervous but I also feel so turned on knowing what I’ve got to do for him! Sally xoxoxo

  • Why show your private areas to men you aren't dating?

  • Well like I said, my boyfriend asked me and yes being forced to do something like that is quite a turn on but I don’t flash people deliberately. I like the feeling of people looking up my skirt and seeing me naked and them enjoying it. I think many ladies are like me and like the attention you get from wearing a sexy dress or skirt. Sally xoxoxo

  • Why not?

  • Good idea to wear your underwear to work. Better still and an even better idea is to dress so that your underwear or the lack thereof won't even show.

  • Before I was married, I eagerly encouraged all of my long-term girlfriends to go commando in skirts and dresses, if not on the rag. It wasn't a control thing, it was an arousal thing, that they did to get a rise out of us both.

    My wife resisted this concept until she got caught a few times and LIKED the reactions she received. She didn't then and still won't now, wear a micro-mini anywhere but she loves what she calls 'happy accidents' happen and people realize what she isn't wearing under her hems

  • Yes it felt like a push to start but I do love being forced to do things like this as I’m very submissive and knowing it is also turning my boyfriend on - and other guys who see up my skirt or dress - makes me really h****. Most of my skirts and dresses are short as I prefer how they look on me but does mean it’s been pretty exposing being forced not to wear knickers! Sally xoxoxo

  • Please keep us updated what went down or up in the warehouse ?

  • Now jokes about a b******* for each of the lads or they’ll put them on the internet! Jokes I think! Sally xoxoxo

  • Oh my god - the head of the warehouse just told me there is loads of video of me yesterday and gave a cheeky wink! God I feel both ashamed and really hot!!

  • Well it was a bit humiliating to start but actually I really started to love it yesterday. Spent all day with the lads trying to look up my skirt and seeing my shaved p**** and started to get really turned on!! Was so exposed at times but I got really wet, which I think they also saw. Am here again today in an even shorter pencil skirt and no knickers. But just overheard one of the guys talking about a video of me yesterday … 😬

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