Okay. Here goes. New to this and kinda trembly.
I’m an 18yo pansexual girl from Newcastle England.
I have put my confession under the category of “s**” even though it is way more than s** to me.
I have been sniffing my used knickers for as long as can remember.
Mostly out of curiosity than anything else. I think people exploring themselves is something Be celebrated. But exploring other people without them knowing....

I was 15 or 16. 15. When during a sleepover at my best friends house I took my sniffing “thing” to a new level. Now I’m not attracted to her. She’s beautiful. Just not my type. If ya get me. But I was on her floor and she was in bed. I saw a pair of quite obviously used knickers under her bed and I instinctively grabbed them and put them on my backpack. Completely forgot they were there until the next night when I was sorting my bag for school. I sniffed them and grossed myself out. But later that night whilst masturbating I reached for them again and properly inhaled them. I sniffed them so hard and I felt.....alive. It wasn’t just between my legs. I felt like I could take over the world. And I came like a train.

Still very close to her. But I have been feeling guilty the older we’ve gotten. She isn’t into girls.

Was this a terrible invasion of privacy?

Dare I tell her??

Hope you’re all well.

Aly. X

Jan 15, 2021

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  • Hi Aly, I'm in Newcastle too!

  • What the f*** does pansexual mean in proper English ?

  • I’d have thought someone scrolling a LGBT confession post would know that already.

  • Means I’m into guys, girls and everything in between like trans men and women. I’m attracted to the person and not their s**.

  • I read your post simply because I didn't realise that bisexual had a new title.
    I'm.a straight male and miss the days when sick perverts like you kept their desires to themselves.

  • I think what she did was weird too, but don't be homophobic about it, k?

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