Huge drunk mistake turned out great.

It all started this past summer when i went camping with my wife, Our kids, my sister in law and her boyfriend, The kids were in bed and we could hear a campsite down the road a bit partying, My wife, Her sister and her sisters boyfriend went for a walk to check it out, I stayed behind incase one of the kids woke up and i was drunk enough i didn't feel like walking that far.
I had wandered out behind the camper to take a leak and had just pulled my pants down, All of a sudden my sister in law walked around the corner, I jumped a bit, She jumped a bit and i turned my back to her, She said "Sorry, I came to get my sisters phone but couldn't find you and then i heard a noise back here", My wifes sister is 28, not shy at all and is kind of loud and boisterous but is absolutely gorgeous when she keeps her mouth shut.
I told her "Its in my pocket just a second", She was wasted but i totally didn't expect her to walk up, Put her arm around my shoulder and say "Oh, don't be shy", She laughed and looked down then looked at me, Pulled her head back, Looked down again then back at me and said "Holy, You have a big d***", I was half hard and she chuckled then shook her head and said "That's bigger than i was expecting", I looked at her and said "Do you mind?", She said "Not at all really" and laughed.
It seemed like the longest p*** ever but i finally finished, i was standing there with my sister in law standing beside me with her arm around my shoulder, i shook it and went to pull my pants up, She quickly said "Wait", I Said "What?", She looked around and said "let me see it hard", It didn't take much since i was already half hard but i reached over, slid my hand in her top and fished out one of her big floppy b****, i had her b*** in one hand and my c*** in the other, In a minute i was fully hard and she stared at my c*** then reached down and grabbed it, She stroked it a couple times and whispered "holy frick, That is a big d***", I leaned in and sucked on her nipple and she pulled away saying "Whoa, What the f***", I said "What? i thought" and she said "no, no, none of that", I lied and told her "I'm gonna c** just stroke it a couple more times, She panicked and said "What?" but started stroking me, it probably only took about a minute before i did c** all over her hand but it was long enough for me to have her b*** in one hand and my other hand down the back of her pants, squeezing her tiny, almost non existent ass, She stroked me until she squeezed out the last few drops then pulled away pulling my hand out of her pants, i backed her up against a tree and with my c*** still hard and pressing against her stomach i kissed her, She kissed me then pulled away and said "Stop it", I leaned in and she was breathing heavy, I nibbled her ear and she moaned, I whispered to her "Turn around and pull you shorts down", She looked me in the eye and shook her head no, I had her top pulled up and both of her big floppy b**** in my hands, I Whispered "get on your knees", She looked down then at me and whispered "stop it, I am not going to f*** you", I took her hand and put it on my c***, She stroked it as I slid my hand in her shorts and slipped one finger in her bald p****, She was grinding her hips on my hand and I whispered in her ear "Let me lick your p****", She took a deep breath and didn't say a word, I pulled my finger out of her and undid her shorts, Slid them down off her hips, She wasn't wearing any panties and I hooked my arm behind her one knee, Grabbed her ass and she let out a little moan, I Lifted my elbow which lifted her leg and pushed it to the side spreading her p**** in front of my face, She is smooth, Bald and so tight, Her p**** is perfect, Puffy, pink lips, Tiny, Firm ass, Long skinny legs but has big, Soft b**** for her build.
I put one hand on her back, Spun her away from the tree and laid her down still holding her leg up, I leaned in and started licking her, She grabbed me by the hair, Pulled my face into her, She whispered "I want you", I got on top of her and pressed my k*** against her p****, She took a deep breath and I pressed into her, She was so tight it took some work but I was able to work the k*** in then start stroking back and forth, I managed to work half of my c*** into her and she was breathing deep, Quietly moaning, She whispered "don't come inside me", She lifted her hips and I shoved my whole c*** deep inside her, She tensed up and shoved her shirt which was bunched up around her neck into her mouth moaning "f*** yes", she bucked her hips a few more times and I blew my load in her.
I flopped down on top of her and said "Sorry", she whispered "Did you come", I nodded my head then kissed and sucked her nipples, She pushed me away and stood up, She pulled up her shorts and fixed her shirt and bra, She looked at me and said I need the phone, I handed it to her and she quickly walked away.
She broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks later, Me and her have been hooking up at least once a week since and I still bang my wife about once a week or every second week as well.


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  • Its the forbidden that makes it so hot. I f***** my girlfriend's sister for over a year before I broke up with her. Many times we f***** while my girlfriend was sleeping in the next room. Her sister wasn't all that attractive but was the dirtiest little f*** around , she would try anything!

  • Omg the comments on this stupid post LOL

  • "Gorgeous when she keeps her mouth shut" - what does that mean, she's got really nasty teeth?

  • Does anyone else picture this "confession" read aloud during divorce readings? Does anyone else picture the look on the judge's face as each line is read? How about the look on the wife's face? His children's faces, right when you get to the part about getting half of your p**** in your sister-in-law. Does anyone else picture awkward Thanksgiving Dinners? I mean, forever is a long time to keep a secret, and one in which so much trust has been violated, so much honor corrupted, can you imagine everyone trying to look at each other in the eyes after this?

  • I think this comment is myth. Do divorce proceedings like that still happen, outside of the Middle East? What sort of backward country does that? When I got divorced in 1982, we just filled out a form, filed it, and a short time later, it was done. No need to give reasons, beyond not wanting to be together.

  • Really, it would have taken you 30 seconds to google the answer. If you're making me do the work of informing you, I will get rude and call you names and make fun of you. Especially for the 1982 part. Fair warning. Now go educate yourself.

  • I'm a women, and if I said don't c** in me, and you do it anyways, that's the last time you get the goods, and if I knew your girl I'd say you raped me while I was drunk. I hate when men or "little boys" do that

  • Are you "gorgeous when you keep your mouth shut"? No? No special privileges for you

  • You are such a bad man to do this to your wife. Damn, for you to get off twice, you must have been randy as heck too. And do you know it is rude to c** inside someone when they have asked you not to? How she can trust you is anyone's guess.

  • I feel sorry for your wife and kids. How do keep this a secret? I mean, what strategies do you use to fool the wife? With what kinds of values do you teach your kids? How do you make the time to raise them with the moral decency you lack, while simultaneously carrying on a affair with your wife's sister and cover your tracks and satisfy your wife? You have carried on with your infidelity for weeks, with no moment of conscience? I ask because the way you wrote this, it seems we are to be impressed with your cunning as much as your prowess. So tell us, are you that cold and calculating, or a drunken fool of a stud? A predator, or a fool? And which is better? So many questions. Do you ever worry about your b**** getting cut off, or that your kids will one day lose all respect for you?

  • Man that is a lot of detail. Hope you enjoyed writing it.

  • I'm the OP. I came twice while I was making up the details of this story. I got nothin better to do.

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