I am a woman and In the past I have been a little conservative about s** but lately I've been fantasizing about submission and dominant men. I have a boyfriend who is extremely vanilla. I don't want to give such a strong relationship up but I am craving to experiment in ways that he is not ready for. I also think that when I start to experiment I want someone who knows what they're doing. I do not want to have to tell him what to do.. That defeats the purpose right? For now I am keeping this to myself and supressing these new thoughts.

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  • Some people include pain as a demonstration of being submissive. make sure you talk to your man about what you mean by submission. Kind of not fair on him if he starts to spank you and you change your mind.

  • Being submissive is so nice. Just do what you are told. No respobsibility. :)
    The interesting conundrum is the dominant has to do all the work. All the organising. All the planning. I used to do all that for our family. Then I just stopped. I started to become submissive. After i got over all these preconceived ideas of political correctness I found it so freeing. He wants s**, i give him s**. No resistance. No complaints. But I don't any more do anything to do with money (other than spend it ). I cook what he wants when he wants. I wear what he wants me to wear and if someone thinks then good on them and if they were to comnent i just say that's what he wants.

  • There is something exhilarating about taking a risk and stepping into the unknown. The BDSM world has experienced people who can ride shotgun with you when you engage in activities with strangers.

    Also do not underestimate the excitement of pain. Fear. Aphrhension. The cane, belt or just a hand spanking. Needs to take you to as much pain as you can bear and then just a little more. While it's happening you struggle to withstand it and wonder why you ever agreed to it. When it's over you feel a freshness wash over you.

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