Dating black man

I am dating a black man, but wait there is more. I am having a relationship with him and he wants to be my bf and dominant too. We have amazing conversations and s**. I want all of this. But my family will go crazy. Also, I hate the way people look at us. I want him and I want to totally submit but I wish he was white. When I think or say that, I feel do prejudice. Ugh, it feels like a cruel joke to have everything I want except that his skin is different. Please help me process this!

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  • If you like him and he likes you don't worry what other people think. It's your life and you should be able to make whatever choices you like. Don't live you life for other people. You should have no regrets.

  • Race is like s** age or anything else. if you are not comfortable now, imagine if you to have children. Yes in todays times the mixed kids are not black nor white, just mixed. you have to make this choice your self.

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