Last week I was at MIL place with my wife just visiting her folks. I decided after dinner to help out with the dishes, my wife and her father went outside to talk about something he was building. My MIL went and took a shower, when I was finishing up the dishes she came out asking where everyone was? I told her oh they are outside at the moment. I saw her combing hair and she said oh my hair never dries in this one spot. I said oh really? What spot is that ? She turns and says it’s her hair in the back. She said feel right here.. I said uh okay , I felt it and she said you see it stays wet. Then she says grab it some, I was reluctant but did it lol I swear I heard a small moan or whimper come from her. I went back to wash the dishes and she kept talking about her hair issues. In the back of my mind I was like wtf just happened?? I told my wife later about it and she was like oh that’s just my mom being weird no worries hun...part of me was like uh huh

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  • There is no doubt she wants you. I know I find my daughter’s BF soo freaking hot.

    I’ll also never forget the first time we went to spend time at my mom’s house after we got married 25 years ago. My mom was doing everything she could to get a rise out of my hubby. And well to my surprise she was riding his ** when I came back from the grocery on our last day there. I came into the house hearing her moan soo loud.

    I walked in seeing my 50 year old mother riding my husband and they were both into it. I thought I would have been mad but I was like “way to go MOM”. I hope I can do the same when I’m your age.

  • Wow do they still get together and do you watch?

  • For some strange reason, most of the time I visit my in-laws, my MIL manages to 'accidently' flash me. I'd be hot if she was hot. She is old and no longer attractive at all.

  • I was caught off guard as well. A former girlfriend commented on her mother’s big **. I said I hadn’t noticed to be polite. She said really? The next time I went to their hose, her mother had a white tight tshirt on. My girlfriend raised her eyebrows at me and I smiled. Would have loved to see and feel them😀

  • Give the poor lady some attention

  • Fed up with your same lame post..try something like which appears more real

  • You are both sick mother **! Your wife seems stupid for accepting this bs behaviour from her own mother. You all seem weird, quite frankly!

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