Naked in public

Just need to get this off my chest hopefully someone can have a laugh at this. Basically I was home alone for the week because my family and my grandparents were out of town. I didn’t have my spare key it was in my grandparent’s mailbox because they housesat earlier in the week and I was supposed to pick it up. It was about 7 pm and it just got dark and I just got out of the shower but I didn’t have a towel in there. I checked the inside towel rack and there wasn’t any there either. So I’m still dripping and I remembered we have a towel rack outside and I figured it was dark and it was a step around the corner in the backyard. So I carefully walked into my backyard naked in the dark but there weren’t any towels outside and when I got back to the back door it locked itself. So I was locked outside with no clothes and my spare key wasn’t home. So when I didn’t find anything to break a window with I tried knocking on a couple doors but my neighbors were all asleep by then. I really didn’t want to be outside naked during the day and the only way in was to get my spare key from my grandparent’s mailbox. I basically just checked the kitchen window at the oven until I saw it was about midnight and I figured I had no other options. So I grabbed a traffic cone that was in front of my house and ran through neighborhoods and down main streets to get my key at their house and then once I got the key, I had to run back. It went about as well as you’d expect it because a ridiculous amount of people saw me it was so f****** bad. So long story short I had one of those nightmares where you’re naked in public and it is just as bad as it is in the dream.

Jan 18, 2021

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  • This sounds like stories of read on quora com and hipforums com!

  • My neighbor lady, a gal about 40 or so, knocked on my door one night at about 9 PM. I answered, she was standing there stark naked. Her house is hidden from the street, and she has stepped outside for something, the door locked behind her.
    I got her one of my robes, she put it on but didn't tie it. Then I went over there, the windows were locked, everything locked.
    So back to my place we went, I told her she could sleep in my spare room until morning when we could get a locksmith. Then I went to bed. About a half hour later, she knocked on my bedroom door, asked to come in, said she couldn't sleep alone in a strange place.
    I moved over, she climbed right into bed, by then I knew the deal, she did that deliberately.
    Nice looking gal, just the one time. Later I found out her husband was having an affair and I was her revenge.
    It was just the one time.
    Darn it.

  • I’m sorry but I’m laughing so hard😂😂

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