True Massage

I was once again on the road and having vibrated myself across the state on my motorcycle I knew I was in need of some relaxation.
I checked into my hotel room and pulled out my list of contacts.
This list is something I do before I go on any trip. A list of locations where action can take place either privately, publically or anonymously. The list contains bookstores, massage parlors or someone I made contact with on the internet.
For this town I was in I decided to get a massage.
I made an appointment for with a masseuse named Joe.
I got to his place and Joe, a well built man, met me wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue t-shirt. I noticed that his tight shorts barely covered the bulge of his semi hard c*** which made my insides feel a joy of delight.
We proceeded to a back bedroom which he had set up his parlor.
He excused himself from the room and told me to get ready as he’d be back in a few minutes.
I undressed and lay naked face down on the massage table and true to his word Joe returned.
He asked if there were any certain areas I would like to put a little extra attention to. I responded that I had been on a motorcycle for the last 8 hours and my ass could use some comforting. He laughed and started working on my shoulders and neck.
It felt good to just melt on the table and let Joe’s hands roam my body. Arms got some attention and then he really worked on my back. Going up and down with his pressure and rubbing I was slowly dozing off and being manipulated into a euphoria of comfort.
As he moved up and down my back each trip brought his hands more and more on my butt cheeks.
The oil he was using was warmed by the friction of his actions and felt good.
His hands would slide down the spine of my back and into the crack of my ass tickling my puckered hole.
I am sure he heard me moan each and every time he tapped my little opening.
His slippery hands kept teasing my senses and filling my crack with warm oil.
Joe then moved to my feet. Rubbing, twisting and flexing and when both were done it was moving to my calves and thighs
Each time his hands rans up my thighs to my ass a finger seemed to kiss my wanting hole.
Up and down each time spending a little more time pressing a finger into my opening.
Joe spoke to me, “A little tense here…we’re going to have to relax that!” and that Is when he put his full attention to my butt cheeks.
His hands circled my mounds but his thumbs stayed at and soon in my wanting hole.
Yes I was moaning in acceptance of his actions and he know he was giving me what I needed.
He moved my legs apart on the table which gave him complete access and he began inserting his long fingers into my oiled opening.
More moaning could be heard from me as one finger…then two fingers…then three fingers found easy access to me.
I felt the table move and the fingers withdrawn from my hole.
Face down I didn’t realize that Joe had removed all his clothing and was now naked between my legs. I realized he was naked when his body pressed against my and I felt his hard c*** in the crack of my butt sliding up and down my oiled skin.
He’d move himself so that I felt the tip of his c*** at my opening and then slide away…teasing me…getting me more excited about what was soon to take place.
Up and down his c*** slid between my cheeks until he lined his c*** just right and popped into my hole.
A little blurt of awe came out of my mouth as this thick c*** pushed deeper into me. I just laid there sighing in joy in the expansion of my ass and the filling of my innards.
In and out he began f****** me slowly until all of him was in me…then he just put his full body weight on my back and whispered in my ear, “Is your ass relaxing now?” I could only moan an agreeable , “Yes!”
Then it began…his c*** began its up and down motion in and out of me. Slow at first and then with increasing speed.
Joe would tell me how his c*** had found a perfect hole to f*** and was going to fill me with his love cream.
Faster and faster Joe f***** me and I was enjoying the pounding of my body.
Joe put his hands on either side of my back and raised himself up. Now the f****** really began.
Joe became obsesses with f****** me and it showed in his speed and power of f****** my a******.
Joe rammed as much of himself into me as he could and I was laying there, legs apart and wanting more…and more I got!
I heard the door close to the room and looked up. There stood Joe’s wife…naked.
“I see you started without me!”
Joe’s wife, Betty, was beautiful and had a body that would cause men to break their necks turning to watch her go by.
Joe laughed and pulled his c*** out of my ass, slid off the table and pulled my legs so I was now bent over the table. Once my feet hit the ground Joe pulled my cheeks apart and buried his c*** back into my hole f****** me slowly as his wife climbed on the table.
“This is making me so hot!” she said as she climbed on the table, spread her legs and presented me with her wet p**** to eat.
My tongue didn’t hesitate when she was close enough. It shot out and found he moistened c*** to lick like a kid with sweet candy cane. I lapped all over that wetness and she responded accordingly.
Joe was now picking up speed again and I was moaning between Betty’s legs. This went on for about ten minutes when Betty said, “This isn’t right! Turn him over Joe!”
Joe turned me around, got me back on the table so that my ass was at the edge, raised my legs and the put that thick long c*** back up my ass.
Betty moved over me and straddled my body so her p**** was above my face, leaned over and said, “Now we’re all in this!” and with that she took my c*** deep into her mouth and my mouth went back to loving her womanhood.
Betty’s mouth was heavenly as she slid her lips down my hardness and all the way to her throat.
Up and down sucking and lapping as Joe power drove my hole.
Betty’s p**** was as wet as could be dripping juices into my mouth as my tongue worked her hole. I was constantly swallowing as I ate her love slit. Eating and drinking at the same time.
This went on between the three of us for another fifteen minutes…lapping…sucking…f****** all with an animalistic intensity. As Betty said earlier we were all into this…to enjoy each other and make it happen.
“I’m getting ready to c**!” Joe called out. “Me to!” I was able to say between gulps. Betty just moaned her agreement around my c*** which was deep in her mouth.
Joe’s grip on my ankles tightened and he power f***** my ass. Then his grip tightened even more as he screamed out his release into me and pressed hips against my bare ass. Hot thick c** fired away inside me! A couple of pumps in and out of me and again Joe buried himself into me to load me up some more.
Meanwhile Betty was c****** as well and squirting all over my face as I did my best to keep licking her gyrating hole for her enjoyment while her mouth did its magic.
I could not stop my c*** from enjoying the oral sensation she was giving me and I began shoot into her mouth.
Once my initial load shot off she moaned enjoyment and began sucking even more energetically to get all of my c**. This caused me to shoot off again draining me even more.
Joe’s c*** had fired another load up my ass as Betty was sucking away. He did not pull out but rather stirred his juices inside me by continuing to move in and out of me.
Betty drenched my face and still worked on my limping c*** cleaning off all she could.
Finally Joe pulled his c** covered c*** out my ass and I could feel his loads of c** slowly dripping out of my hole.
Betty got up and off the table and I could see a little of my c** still on the side of her lips.
A warm wet towel was given to me to clean off my face but the best was when Joe and Betty joined me in a shower to clean up. Our body touching and soaping resulted in more than a one hour massage…but I’ll tell that part later.

Jan 19, 2021

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  • We hired a guy to rubdown the wife. He was older, like maybe 60, but in nice shape. My Sarah is barely 40, and mildly chubby. The first session was normal, I asked if he did anything and she said no.
    She knew I would like it if he looked or maybe gave her a happy ending, or at least rub her b****. But nope, nothing.
    So I asked her to give him some hints, like asking him if he "minded" rubbing her b****, telling him they were sore.
    She did ask, he told her fine and worked her over nicely but nothing down below.
    So I told her to try and see if he would work without the drape, she did and he didn't mind.
    Talk about slow! It took five more sessions before he would touch her p****, but once he realized this was fine he sure did go to work.
    So, I set up one of those tiny cameras, after that session, he came out with a big grin and told me to enjoy the video.
    Now I am wondering what the next session will be like, because he licked her in the last one.

  • I so wish I could get a massage where he teases my t***, ass and c***. I don't think theres any massage therapists like that in Maryland. You hear third hand stories but the only one I knew to be true was one that got arrested some years ago. Dammit.

  • I luv 3somes with my mate f****** my wife email me if u want see pics of my wife

  • Mmmmm I love threesomes with another man and my wife we've had a few

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