Well, I hope you're all happy

As of today, Joseph R. biden, Jr., is the President of the United States, while one of our most intelligent and most accomplished Presidents has been sent packing under an entirely undeserved and media-created cloud of suspicion and disrespect, so that a brazen liar and cheat and plagiarist could assume control of the Executive Branch . . . . . . . . with his maid.



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  • Donald can suck an egg. He’s a woman hating derogatory idiot.

  • We protested because we were being killed. Yall Rioted because you didnt get your way... We are not the same



    Die mad, and fvck your feelings. Go set something on fire, like the chair you're sitting in.

  • 100 STAY MAD!!

  • Dont be upset that uncle Joe is in the white house, Just tell liberals who like him that you hope they get everything they voted for. Most didn't vote for joe
    anyway, They voted against Trump. Not smart. they will see. God Bless!

  • Okay Karen... but JOE AND KAMALA STILL WON. God bless hun.

  • True, but I think OP was mocking the MAGAts. Who else would believe Diaper Donnie was anywhere near "intelligent and accomplished"? Talk about TDS!

  • At least now we can try and stop the planet heating and reenter the weapons treaties and stop the pipeline. Isn't all these good things?

  • So true. Trump is a self centered bully boy that threw all his toys out of his pram when he didn't get his own way.
    He respects nobody except himself.
    Trump is the sort of man.to start world war 3. So.glad he's gone and I'm British.
    I generally like American Republican polices but not that p**** Trump.

  • You really ought to watch other media once in a while. Then you wouldn't come across as un-educated.

  • Dumb ass

  • When you only get less then half you pay check because of taxes and pay twice the price at the pumps don't complain. With what he signed already thats happening now. Watch oil prices.

  • Right, because we all got lots of tax breaks under your precious orange toddler. With tunnelvision like you've got, it's obvious you have spent your life with your head up your a$$

  • Less troops in Afganistan and Iraq than in DC on inauguration day. Troops forced to sleep in unheated parking garage. I don't have to use foul language and belittling statements to get a point across. Just watch and see.

  • Not all of each of them are necessarily good, per se. But I agree that progress can be made.

  • Progress... Vets now taken care of in timely fashion. VA doctors and staff can now be fired for incompetence. 3 scotus constitutional Judges appointed. Less personal taxes, More Manufacturing, China scared for first time in years. Allies paying fair share for their protection by our military, Lowest unemployement in history, Restorred Military, 450 miles of beautiful barrier at southern border, with zero illegal penetrations in that 450 miles, Lower corporate taxes (equal to other countries). Yeah. We don't need some one who did all that. We need Joe. ok.

  • Now I understand Corona virus. What better way to get Trump out of Office.
    Oh yeah, and Operation Warp Speed. Most of you never heard of it. Look it up and tell me Trump didn't do anything in time. ALWAYS READ BOTH SIDES OF A STORY. NOT WHAT MOST MEDIA WANTS YOU TO KNOW OR NOT KNOW.
    God Bless all.

  • Just wait. In a year Biden will wish he was never born. And curse the day he decided to run.

    The Democratic will destroy themselves as they all want everything yesterday. And AOC will be run the show.

    I like a lot of people i know will simply stop spending our money, just to f*** up Biden.

  • Think 25th amendment. That where Joe will end up in about 6 months to a year. Then Camalla will be in charge. God help us all then.

  • KAMALA (comma la) how hard is it? Are you racist, or just ignorant?

  • LET'S DO IT!

  • I hope you're wrong about AOC (Another Overbearing Cunt), but I fear you are precisely correct. The future looks grim.

  • Hey thats not nice. I think congress needs a good bar-tender (AOC). And Term Limits.

  • Yeh, give that self-centered b**** a mop, a bucket, a sponge and a rag, and then, after she get the bathrooms spotless, give her a shine box and let her polish the Republicans' shoes, while she suck they d***. You can look at her and tell she know how. Temple prostitute.

  • ^ *infantile sobbing sounds* ^

  • A-O-C spells "trouble".

  • Haha loser

  • She be voted off soon that beyotch. Errbody getting tired her act. Borrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnngggg.

  • Okay boomer....until then, HAIL THE QUEEN BABYYYYYYY

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