Caught my Son

I caught my son dressed up as a girl and dancing in front of a camera and he told me he’s a “femboy” should I be worried? Is he gay?

Jan 21, 2021

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  • Yes. Nothing can change that. I tried. He was 16, I started giving him b*******'s every morning and rode him each night letting him c** in me. Thinking I could make him straight. After 7 years I accepted it didn't work.

    He stayed a femboy. Our love making was wonderful i felt 100% satisfied sexually he impregnated twice. But confessed, I was the only woman who got him hard and that he loves me and our children. And hates how he is.

    But every weekend he disappears for 3 days and is a s*** for men. I want him for myself. On Sunday night he returns and he cries. We shower together and i wash the c** from all those men off his body. We comfort each other, kissing and make love for hours.

  • It's a trend right now for some reason. It was funny at first, but now it's become more of a fetishization I think.

  • Belt the little r***** stop the degenerative behaviour

  • Its a hugee trend on tik tok rn and a lot of liberal teen girls like femboys. he either really does enjoy it and hes expressing himself or he just wants some hoes

  • Give him a good smack and tell him to man up.

  • No b**** lmao stay your homophobic ass In h***

  • F*** off f*****. I'm normal, you 'king ain't.

  • Accept the fem boy part but tell him he’s an idiot for filming it. Tell him he may change his mind again some day and will regret it if the video is out there.

  • I wouldn't worry. Just accept him for what he is.

  • It's very trendy right now. Your son may be, but I know plenty of not gay men who do it for fun as dressing up like one of your favorite characters. Even if he was, if it's not hurting anyone and he's having fun why does matter? Life's too short and women weren't even allowed to dress with pants back on the day and manly Irish men wear kilt looking skirts. It's just clothes no? They're not a f****** murderer you know

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