I wore a diaper to a concert and used it

I love going to festivals. I like to get right down the front. Right in front of the band. Problem is if you need to use the bathroom then you loose your place and you cant get back. We always take some food and tones of water cos you can get pretty dehydrated in hot days. So I went and bought a pack of adult diapers. Wore one and set up for a great day. Fantastic show. Dancing. Partying. All day. I was totally blown. Then I felt the need to go. Then I got all worried about would it leak and would people see. Kind of distracted for a while. But then I figured it was dark and the crowd were all packed in now so I just started leaking it out into the diaper and I kept feeling under my skirt while I was dancing to see if it was leaking down my legs. All good. Swelled up lots between my legs. Pretty weird but kinda nice feeling actually.

Now I've got this disgusting secret that no way am I going to 'fess to my friends what I did yet I really want to talk about it.

Aug 8, 2016

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  • Great story

  • I found a few times situations where that were spoiled because I was desparately trying to hold on. Like so focussed on not wetting myself that I did not enjoy the event. Like one time I was at the theatre and busting to go and basically could not follow the play because concentrating so much. Then one day I built up the courage to go buy some adult diapers. Now whenever I am going to the footie or theatre or anywhere where I may caught in a crowd or where it maybe awkward to make my way out to the toilet. I also wear plastic pants over my diapers because I am paranoid they will leak. Then when I need, I just relax. I remember being really worried it would leak. I do know that I can only wet once. Otherwise if I am sitting down then it will squish out.

  • When i finially made my First Holy Communion at 15 with the 2nd graders,i was worried about having an accident in my pretty,poofy communion dress.Mom got a package of the size 8 pampers diapers and a pair of adult size plastic pants to go over it for me to wear under my communion dress.She sewed 6 rows of lace across the back of the plastic pants and the sunday morning of the ceremony,she baby powdered me,fastened the pampers on me then put the plastic pants on over it.During the ceremony,i had to pee,so i went in the pampers.After the ceremony,mom put me into another pampers and at my party word got around that i had a pampers and ruffled plastic pants on under my dress,and my friends and female relatives all lifted up the back of my communion dress and checked out the pampers and plastic pants!

  • When i made my First Holy Communion at 14,my parish considers the communion dress as an extension of the baptism outfit we were baptized in as babies,so a cloth diaper and plastic pants with an under shirt as our top is required wearing under our dresses.My diaper was 10 plies thick and i had white adult size,crinkly plastic pants over it! The diaper and plastic pants is not supposed to be wet in,but only to symbolize the purity of our baptisms.

  • Ahhh! The absolute stupidity of religion! What nonsense.

  • When i was 15,i was boy crazy and had been caught a few times with a boy in my bedroom,and boys were constantly comming over and wanting to hang out with me.My parents didnt like the fact that i was so boy crazy!So when i also made my First Holy Communion then at 15,they made me wear a cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants and tee shirt under my communion dress and told me that they were to send me a message that i am to remain pure and innocent before i am married some day!

  • My parish does baptisms at Easter vigil and the boys have to wear a suit and ty while us girls up to 17 have to wear a white,short sleeve,straight hanging,ankle length baptism dress with a bonnet.Under the dress we have to wear a white tee shirt,size 8 pampers,plastic pants,white tights and the white mary jane style shoes.I was baptized at easter vigil 2019 when i was 16 and i actually felt like a baby in the outfit! My mom got a whole package of the size 8 pampers and the plastic pants are in the package with them and i put a pampers and the plastic pants on sometimes and wear them for mass or special occassion.

  • More stupidity. More nonsense.

  • You are using the wrong brand. Abdl diapers hold tons.

  • I dressed up for a work function and i put a diaper on under my dress. Best thing i did.

  • Nice!

  • Ewwwwww........

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