I am 38, married with 3 kids, 5'3" and 135 ish pounds, I stayed with some family the other weekend and my nephew had a friend there, We were all pretty drunk and I went to bed, My husband was coming up the next day and I was laying in bed, I heard the door to my room open and felt the sheets slide off my back side. OK, At this point I should have rolled over but...Yeah whatever, I didn't, I felt my nightshirt slide up and felt a finger touching, I could literally hear his breathing and thought he was gonna blow his load.
I decided that was enough and pulled away, I rolled over and there was no one there, I thought for a second to see if it was real or if I had dreamed it but as I sat up and put my feet on the floor I was greeted with a footful of warm sperm as I stepped down f**** lovely, So I stumble off to the bathroom, Wash my foot in the sink and grab a towel to wipe up the random load of come on my floor. I go to sleep and all is well. The next day my husband was there when I woke up, I stumbled to the kitchen and sat down, he looked at me and all I could do was lift my eyebrows and nod at him, He shook his head and chuckled. My nephews friend came out and sat down at the table, I looked at him, Said "Morning" and just blushed the reddest I have ever seen and walked away. My husband looked at me and I looked at him, He just smiled and chuckled and I said "That's odd", My husband leaned over and said "It's probably because you have morning wood", I looked down and realized my hangover nips were upright and presenting and my nightshirt is not thick material.
Later on I was sweating out booze on the lawn and my husband came up, Sat beside me and said "So...B0ner mcbonerson hasn't taken his eyes off you all morning, I glanced over and he was staring at my back and backside, My husband has an affinity for showing me off, He quite enjoys when I let other men...Or boys have a little peek and he suggested I do so, I looked at him and said "Really?, Come on, I'm dyin here", He just gave me "The look" so I rolled to face my husband away from the watchful eyes and adjusted my top a little and when he walked away I rolled onto my back but F'd it up.
I am and always have been a little larger chested for my build which was aways great as a young woman searching out a mate but now after rearing 3 children and feeding them from my b****** they have a bit of a mind of their own and arent always easy to keep in place...If you're not catching my drift...They're saggy. So, When I rolled onto my back again my adjustment had been a little too generous and my b*** slipped right out of it's containment and was out grabbing full sun, However I couldn't fix it without either A) letting him know that I knew he seen my b***, The whole thing basically or...B) Making it obvious I had tried and failed to let a small slip happen.
So I decide to let it be out and see where it went which was the wrong choice, I couldn't see to his left but since I had sunglasses on he didn't know I could see his eyes almost bulge out of his head and I was quite happy with his reaction to be honest until he looked to his left and I heard him and my nephew talking, they were whispering but I clearly heard my nephew whisper "Dude, WTF" and he whispered "Man, Shut up", I was about to reach for my water which would have given me a chance to fix things up when he said "Holy crap dude, look at the size of your aunts t***", My nephew said "No thanks" and after a little urging he did look and then his friend said "Right?, Holy s*** she has nice b****".
At that point I reached for my water and sat up, Everything was easily tucked away and fixed without a big ordeal, My husband appeared after the two of them left and he was laughing, He said "Well, Now there are to boys with b0ners awkwardly walking around", My husband urged me to show more and more to my nephews friend over the course of the day and after making sure one side of my bottoms were right up my butt crack while bending over in front of him, making sure he got a couple more nip slips then I changed into a muscle shirt and shorts.
I made sure to sit beside him lots and lean forward so he could see down the arm hole and see my b**** and then he left for a minute, My husband pushed me to show him "The goods", I crossed my legs, Pulled my shorts to the side while my husband evaluated the situation then gave me the thumbs up, When he came back he noticed straight away and made sure to sit in the chair at a 45 degree angle to me giving him a straight on view of my s*****. He must have had a full hour of looking up my shorts and every time he would walk away I would check things out and he had a damned good view, I was so wet and so h**** I was trying to get my husband to take me back to the camper for a round while grandma and grandpa had the kids and everyone else was out fishing, My husband said "What if you were left alone with him?", I said "What about it?", and then he sprung a question that blew my mind, He said "Would you f*** him?", I said "Absolutley not" and he said "I want you to" and walked away.
A few minutes later he came back, I asked where my nephew was and he told me that my husband had told my nephew to go with him on the golf cart and there were only two seat so he just said to my nephews friend that they would be back. I went into the cabin and paced back and forth knowing what he had left me and him alone to do, I looked out at the lake and could see the boat across the lake and everyone still fishing, I was breathing heavy and panicking I went to the bedroom and stared out at the boat, I texted my husband and said "No" he replied "We will be a while", I said "No" and he said "Love you" and stopped replying, I seen him coming toward the cabin and I whipped off my top and stood looking in the closet.
He walked up to my door and said "Oh sorry" but didn't make any attempt to walk away so I turned to face him, Raised my eyebows and said "Can I help you?", He stood and stared right at them, No attempt to look away and I walked right up, Said "First ime in real life?", He nodded and I took his hands, Lifted them and put them on my b****, His b0ner was very evident through his trunks and I pulled them down. He was shaking like a leaf and fumbling with my b****, I looked down and it wasn't big...Like at all but probably average, I grabbed it and omg, It was harder than hard, I kind of giggled a little at how hoard it was.
I had made up my mind that I was going to teach him a thing or two that afternoon so i let go of it and pulled my shorts down until they dropped, I wrapped my hand around his weiner and no s*** I stroked it twice and he whimpered like he was about to start crying and shot a load, He is maybe 3 inches taller than me but I had come from my bellybutton to my neck and power shots, He was unloading like noting I had ever seen, He was squeezing real hard and I said "Ok sweety, Leave them where they are", He released his grip slightly and I kept stroking him, He started to go soft and I said "No no sweety, Come back to me", I tried and tried, I even said that if he got it hard again I would let him play with my p**** but it was a no go.
I went and showered and was hoping he would be ready to rock when I got out but he was gone, I didn't see him before we left the next afternoon so I didn't get to give him the "If you tell anyone I will kill you" talk so....Hopefully he already knows that.

Jan 21, 2021

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  • Oh snap! That totally brings back memories of how my sister-in-law 'educated' me when i was 14. Thank you for that bone erupting story. : )

  • I did similar things with several relatives, and some randomly

  • Wow! Your story had me dripping wet.

    Nothing better than teaching a young man how to treat a woman. I wish you could have enjoyed having his first e********** inside of you. Young men c** sooo hard.

    I’m 49 and had s** with two of my sons friends when they graduated. It was amazing

  • My first wife was quite expert at letting the goods show while appearing to have no idea at all it was happening. She was also expert at seduction, at one party we had, there were three other couples there and she managed over the course of half a day to get all three of the husbands to f*** her. Not that difficult since they had been dropping by every now and then without their wives. Now I would have returned the favor but the one wife was a chunk, another was almost 60, so it was just one that we did full swaps with.

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