Naked party with college friends

While in college some of us were hanging out in a friends home when his parents were away. we were 3 girls and four boys. I was wearing a low neck tshirt and my cleavage was showing and another girl noticed one of the guys ogling and to tease him she told me that I had given someone a erection and the guy obviously denied and I asked him to prove it and he blushed. Then the others joined in teasing the guy and a guy yanked his pants down and though it did not come down it made everyone laugh and one guy caught him from behind and another undid his pants and it was down till his feet and he managed to pull himself away and tried to pull up his pant but I stepped on the pant and he could not pull it up. He tried to push the girl but all of us joined and pushed him down and soon he was just in his speedo and he was obviously having a b****. And everyone including him was laughing. Then someone suggested to remove his speedo and he tried to run to the other room but we caught him and he struggled to keep his speedo but we removed it and he was naked covering his genitals with his hands and he was still laughing and soon we pulled his hands too and everyone made fun of his privates. When the laughter settled he wanted to pee and rushed to the toilet(we think he cummed). he came out in a towel which was quickly pulled away. We put on music and asked him to dance but he settled on the chair covering with a cushion. Then I pulled him up saying I would dance with him and we started dancing and all of us were laughing and others too joined in dancing and with others encouragement I caught his d*** in one hand and did some swing dancing then one of the girls pulled my tshirt down exposing more cleavage and the nude guy took the hint and kissed my b*** and everyone squealed and I too was in the party mood and I pushed my b*** on him and made some gyrating gestures. Then someone suggested to remove my top and the naked guy started removing and I let him and one of the girls undid my bra and I was topless dancing with a naked guy and soon my jeans and panty too were taken away. Then I suggested that everyone get naked and by now everyone was in the party mood or maybe it was the beer, anyway soon all of us were dancing naked. It was fun and I even did a mock 69 with a girl and then she and a guy did a 69 on the couch and I let one guy lick my p**** and we had some comparison of d*** and b*** sizes. It was weird and fun and by the all of us had atleast touched each others privates.

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  • i want s** relly bad

  • I want to gang bang my wife!I want to f*** her ass as she sucks a couple different d****!i want my wife to act like a s*** and get group f***** taking d*** after d***!

  • Cool

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