My wife is a prude most of the time. But holloween 2018 was the best. We went dancing in downtown Nashville Tennessee. My wife was dressed very sexy. Short black skirt and no panties and no bra. She kept everything pretty much covered up until she had a few drinks. Then she loosened up some. I asked her to unbutton the top button on her dress and she did her t*** were very visible when we were on the dance floor. She had guys coming out on the dance floor and pretending to be dancing next to her so they could look at her t***. And believe me they were hanging out of her dress in plain view. I was dancing and watching her show off for these different guys. My d*** was hard as a rock. She started flirting with everyone in the place and loving them staring at her t***. One guys wife was filming everything that was going on. Her husband and my wife were dancing and flirting with each other and it was so obvious. He was eating up those exposed t*** and my wife enjoyed showing them to him. One of the band members was taking a collection up for the band. And when he asked me if I wanted to donate anything while he was stareing at my wife. I told him that I would if he would look at my wife’s t******. He said that was the first thing that he noticed and said they looked good. She ate that up. But she told me that I shouldn’t do that. But if she does it that’s just fine. She acts like I don’t know what’s going on. So finally we have to leave because she is getting sick from drinking to much and when we get in the car she reverts to her prudish self. I just don’t get it. I love looking at her but she covers up. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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  • My first wife was a prude, until two things changed her. The first time I f***** her ass we had both been drinking Southern Comfort and she said I could have it. When she asked if I'd stop if she asked me I straight up said no. And I didn't, I really hurt her forcing it into her, but after a few minutes of getting her luscious ass pounded, she had an o*****! The second thing was when I took her to a friend's house and him and his wife raped her while I watched. I wasn't sure what she would do when it was over, but after her first ever multiple o******, my prude had become a nymphomaniac.

  • Talk about exhibitionism with her. Many women enjoy the thrill of showing off.

    Encourage her to wear short skirts without panties more often.

    Open the blinds or curtains when you two have s**.

  • Or open the blinds a little, and have someone stop by your window and make some noise while she's dressing or you're having s**, so she thinks it's a peeping tom. Then when she says something give it a couple days before telling her the incident got you h****. Maybe it'll move her down the path to being an exhibitionist!

  • If you want to explore further just tell her that you enjoy other men admiring her and it makes you proud to have a wife so attractive. Bring up that your fine with her enjoying the attention and that on those occasions she seems especially cheerful, etc.
    Since she's "prudish" to follow your terminology you might be cautious about mentioning any of the naughtier aspects, but you eventually and gradually want to work all that into the conversation somewhat.

    At some point you'll be able to mention that you noticed that (whoever) was gazing upon her charms with obvious l***, longing for a crack at her, and you would expect that if that situation would come to pass that she'd likely enjoy herself immensely or at the very least that she loves that kind of attention even if she wouldn't act on it,

    This sort of pillowtalk is best at the most heated moments.... her breathing and excitement will betray her thoughts,which is what you'll point out to her later when your having the conversation about her admitting to herself and to you that she has those certain thoughts so that you can talk to each other about all this more openly and honestly.

    Just be sure to hang on because you're in for for a wild ride..... IF you play your cards right, LOL

  • Bring her over to Vince Neil's house he lives close by. He'll pound the f*** out her p**** while you watch. I will film it. I work for Vince and care for his horses. Bring her over anytime she won't be a prude long. Check the website to make sure he's not on the road with his band.

  • Have to think about that. Sounds interesting any way.

  • I love Motley Crue baby. Yeah Vince baby pound that t***

  • Sounds like someone wanting to give his 2 cents worth doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

  • I can help her coming out of her shell

  • If you have some good ideas maybe we can figure something out. Are you in the Nashville area?

  • Afraid not I'm in the UK
    But I think I can still help with your wife

  • Okay tell me how you would help me with my wife?

  • She need to talk to someone about you that way I can get her to talk about her

  • Tell me how you would do that?

  • She needs to talk to someone about how she feels, you know open up!
    Out can do that?

  • No she won't talk to anyone about how she feels. Believe me.

  • Can you get her to come on line at all?

  • No she will not get on line and she will be p***** off with me for telling my story.

  • Don't tell the story just say I want you to talk to someone about me!
    This is why you can't get her to be more adventurous, don't explain just do!

  • That is funny. You must be single. You would have to know my wife to know that she will not talk to you. I won’t even attempt to ask her.

  • Then why did you ask? If you are not willing to try and get her to be more adventurous?

  • All I said was that I hoped that you liked my story.

  • When I gave you a choice to make more adventurous, you jumped at it but now I feel you have reservations.

  • I don’t have any reservations I just know that my wife will not talk to you.

  • You say her she lowers her inhibitions when she has had a drink?
    If we work together I'm sure we can help her out!
    I've got other ideas mate

  • Let’s hear them.

  • You could get her drunk and do it that way,
    A sleeping draft and plant in surgestgions, take secret pics of her and blackmail her in to doing stuff, she will later thank you for ok it!

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