New Cleaning Company offers some things not on their brochure

My wife asked me to find and hire a new cleaning company for our house because our old one kept delaying appointments, pulling no-shows, etc. I did some homework and saw a review online made by a friend of mine about this company in town. I texted him about them and he replied, "You'll love them if you ask for Nicole. Tell them I referred you." So, I called the owner, spoke to her, mentioned my friend's name and she said, "Oh, yes. I can come to your house with Nicole and we'll figure out what works best." Weird way of saying I'll give you an estimate, no? She arrived two days later as we agreed, with Nicole, and she looked around the house and said, "Ok, so here's how we work. We clean your house and give very quiet clients the option for other services rendered. For instance, your friend has his house cleaned once a month by Nicole and she blows him while she's there. The guy who referred your friend f**** me every two weeks when I clean his house. We deep clean, we're really good at house cleaning, and then we make some more for ourselves on top. It's one fee so your spouse doesn't get curious. If this isn't your thing, I have girls that know nothing about this business that can come over and simply clean your house." I said, "I'm interested but I want you two to switch turns. I want my house deep cleaned and each session to end with a b******. Deal?" Kate and Nicole both nodded and we set it up. Kate (the owner) was up first. She did an awesome job cleaning my house and an even better job sucking my d***. My wife was thrilled with how clean the house was. Two weeks later, Nicole came by, did even better with the cleaning and the BJ was pretty good too. Again, my wife was thrilled with the cleaning. Nice little thing we have going and I am very thankful I work from home.

Jan 22, 2021

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  • Well isn't this some guy's perfect little fantasy... You really expect people to fall for this? Or, your friend pulled this together to make a fool of you by sending the girls over there. Bottom line? I don't believe a word of it.

  • What an unprofessional dodgy business! These posts are always sexually inclined. Come on wise guys, think up of something that is not 'too far-fetched!'
    I'm sick and tired of the same boring come on posts.

  • Maybe every other week they could have a male maid come around and do special after hours cleaning and your wife gain some benefit while you are gone for a while. I'd be willing to bet that your wife would then make you a very happy camper.

    Lick it, Stick it, Lick it again...

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