Parking lot Show

A few years back I was sitting back at a grocery store parking lot, hoping to give a private show.

When a lady parked to the left of me and went into the store. Shortly after I noticed a young lady sitting back in the passenger set.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to nerves, I adjusted the rear view mirror to see her sitting there. Thats when I started to rub myself thru my pants. As she continued to watch, she looked around to check if anyone could see. At this point my ** is providing a great outline thru my pants.

As she adjusted her seat back to make sure I couldn't see her sitting there (which I could). Never letting her eyes off my rubbing, I decided to take it out.

As I unzipped my pants, you could tell she was nervous, yet excited. As my ** sprank out of my zipper, she smiled and looked around some more.

I than loosened my belt and slid my pants down a bit, to expose it all to her. As she continued to watch, I began to stroke it and occasionally thumping it on the steering wheel. This show lasted for nearly 5 minutes or more.

With my ** throbbing, and ready to explode. It was funny, because as I was leaning back in my seat, she was now leaning forward.

Shortly before I came, I opened the window to give her an un obstructed view. Placing my hand on the hood, I arched my back raising my ** off the seat. The ** was intense and shot partially out the window.

As I was relaxing, I noticed her still watching my still throbbing **, and also I assume her mother thru the large plate window at the checkout lane.

So I placed a towel on my lap, backed out of the space and took the long way home.
Hope she enjoyed the show. The look on her face, told me she did.

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