My first flash

I've been an exhibitionist for many years, but I still to this day enjoy that first time.

Mrs. Wilson was a widow woman who lived a couple houses down the street. For as long as I could remember she had lived alone. In her 70's or 80's she was still kind lady and very beautiful in her younger years, based on the black and white photos of her youth.

I was twelve-year-old the first time I met Mrs. Wilson, while going door to door trying to earn money raking leaves.

She was in fact my first customer. For the next four years, I did all the out door chores as she watched and instructed. When I was done, we'd usually sit on the porch and just talk.

For whatever reason, that hot summer day, I wore kinda saggy shorts and no underwear. After mowing her grass I sat on the edge of her porch, feet placed on the steps. At the time, I did not (honestly) realize all of my junk was exposed. Not only exposed, but at nearly eye level to Mrs. Wilson as she sat in her lawn chair in the shaded grass.

We sat there and talked for nearly a half hour until she smiled and said, "oh my" somethings loose as she motioned towards my crotch.

At the time, I was so embarrassed. I wanted to run and hide, but she just smiled some more and said it was ok. That it wasn't her first time seeing one.

Over the course of the remaining summer, the exhibition grew more often, generally at her request. Although, she never touched me, she had asked if I could play with it for her as she watched, inwhich I did a couple times to completion.

To this day, I still have a bit of a crush on attractive older women and enjoying giving them a show whenever I can.

Jan 22, 2021

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  • I was thinking if I'll hear that eventually u'll do something sexual with her that includes touching

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