Thank you covid.

My wife passed away 3 years ago and since I have dated a little but since covid that has come to a screeching halt. My wife's baby sister, 13 years her junior is married to a guy who I am close friends with, My wife's sister is a goddess, Tall, Slim, Perfect booty and huge t***, My wife was....Tall, and...Not built like her little sister but regardless,
Her sister's husand works overseas and the company he works for went off the deep end with covid regulations and has told all employees that if you go home you are done, You will stay at home until a vaccine is found and used or covid is gone so being he has bills to pay they decided he would stay in country as they say at thier companies camp site that they built and then he is able to have days off but has to stay on site. This is a super crazy situation and the company had to aquire special permissions for them to stay out of country.
Of course her sister has been spending tons of time at our house since they have no kids and no one to socialize with so we have brought her into our circle, Three days ago my wife's sister came over and we put the kids to bed, Hung out and had a couple drinks and she told me that her and her husband had discussed that she has needs, He has one option to meet his needs (A girl working in the camp) but she has no options, Normally she said they would never go to these lengths but this is an extreme situation with no end in sight. It was a very awkward start to a conversation but she informed me that she had given him permission to bang this girl at the camp as long as she never heard about it or had any indication it was happening then they would carry on with life when he comes home as if life were just on pause when it happened.
I was like "Oh wow, Uh, You are a very understanding wife", she shrugged and said "Well...Obviously we made a deal" and she was very fidgety and nervous, I said "Well, A deal is one thing but like you said, You don't have an option here", She looked at me and bit her bottom lip, Nodded her head and said "Yeeeeaaaaahhhh....About that" and I thought she was about to tell me she was sleeping with someone but instead she said "We discussed that and he said he would be comfortable with one of two options", Hey, I am a guy, If my wifes youngest sister wants to talk about getting f***** with me I am gonna listen.
She took a deep breath and said "Sooo...He is fine with me hooking up with a GF of mine who I know would totally do it because she has offered a time or two over the years ooooorrrrr", I sat up and was excited to hear the "Or" and she said "Orrr...He said I could proposition you", My brain locked up, I sat staring at her and she at me and after seriously like a minute she scratched her head and ran her fingers through her hair, looked at me and said "I...I...I am getting nothing, I have no clue what you are thinking", I was truly dumbfounded, I said "Like you mean that you want to have s** with me?", She sighed and started to tear up and said "No, I...I don't want to have s** with you but I don't want to go l**** just to scratch an itch but I am sooo h**** and nothing is working...I am just saying maybe a sno strings quickie...F***...I don't know, Now it sounds stupid".
I slid over beside her and put my arm around her and said "No, No, Listen, I get it, You're 29 and have needs", She said "I have never been this h**** in my life, I seriously catch myself rubbing up against stuff and crossing my legs just so I can clench my thighs because it will hit me in public and I can't stop myself, I find myself sitting at my computer when I am supposed to be working and realize I have done nothing but sit there rubbing myself all day thinking about s**, I can bring myself to the edge but can't hit that tipping point and even when I do manage to O it doesn't do it, They are the smallest, Least satisfying O's ever", I had slid over beside her seriously just to console her but then I looked down and she was rubbing the bulge she had created in my pants and she looked up at me, I kissed her and it was on.
I took her to my room and undressed her and OH MY GOODNESS, What a body, I pounded her and went down on her and she sat on my face and came, We had the greatest s** ever and she says she wants it to just be random and just unplanned which is perfect for me. Thank you covid, Stick around for ever as far as I care.

Jan 26, 2021

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  • A good excuse for everyone to f*** each other! Where is the respect and common decency for marriages? It seems like some people can not control their sexual urges. Marriage vows are so cheap for some!

  • If they have a deal it’s ok. It’s wrong when you hide it

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