Was i molested or something or does this not count lmao

So when i was probably 10 i had a friend i grew up with every since i was little he was always kinda a weird perv even when we were really little he wanted to show each other are "private parts", throughout are whole friendship everytime i saw him he would try to do something but i obly saw him once in a while
one time though he was over my place for the whole day n he was grabbin my ass a lot and i kinda cared but it honestly didn't make me feel that uncomfortable but then later when i got dark we were sittin on the couch watchin flipping vegas and i had loose shorts on and he pit his hand in and kinda fingered me n i froze up n he whispered in my ear " ik that feels good" then i ran away and cried lmao

Jan 26, 2021

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  • You mean a kid using another to experiment

  • It can count, it seems like molesting to me, that pervy boy is not friend to have, that's something to put pass u now

  • Yes that's molestation, I hope you're doing okay

  • Sorry to hear that happened to you

  • You were molested

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