Bored at home

My husband works away for days at a time and ive started passing the time by pleasuring myself in the living room,I'm always naked and sometimes get to carried away screaming and surprised the neighbor hasn't said anything,I started fantasizing about my brother in law coming round and giving me a good hard f*** and being h**** i sent him a cheeky texts message and within a few seconds i got one back just saying you sent it to the wrong person and i then sent him a picture saying come round im waiting,I left the door unlocked and waited,I layed back on my sofa with my legs spread wide open so he would get a good look at my completely bold p****,the door came flying open and he wasn't wasting anytime taking his clothes off i wanted his big c*** so bad he came up to me didn't say a word just rammed his c*** into me and f***** me so hard i didn't care that he came in me, once he finished we both tried to catch our breath we never spoke i went upstairs to get dressed and didn't know he was behind me i felt his c*** poking my ass and he pushed me on to the bed and pulled me down to the edge and slowly pushing it up my ass slowly until he was b**** deep and picked up the pace and had me biting the covers and the bed shacking that's the first time anyone has c** in my ass,now we get together even when my husband is home we just meet up at his place.

Jan 27, 2021

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  • Wow! That is amazing

    You are a lucky woman. Be careful don’t let your hubby find out.

    However it would be awesome if you get a little DP going

  • Oh my sounds like you Marie’s the wrong brother

  • Too much time on your hands. Do you respect your marriage vows?

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