Who else listens this

Does anyone else listen to or even ever heard of seejayxo,lil skele, Kais, deadbroken, ihatepromnight, deadbeatten, 93FEETOFSMOKE, grxyice,lovespelledbackwards, foreign forest, lil yung pharaoh, noah2000, lil lotus, shattered, guccihighwaters, hazenova, plxntkid or sewerperson
I don't even know what kind of music it is i just say emo but it's all I listen to.
there kinda all in the same community as powfu if you know who that is he's pretty popular he's the kid who sings deathbed, or there kinda like suicide boys. all the people up top are on soundcloud n got like only 2000 followers and I know no one else who listens to them everybody just listens to wap n deepthroat

Jan 27

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  • I know she's not emo, but OMG, honestly I totally adore S uzi Wu (All Them Apples). They totally should of gave her the Super Bowl halftime instead of that black Canadian dude that cannot spell for s***.

  • Really love Suzi!

  • Im sorry but nobody knows who that is

  • I mean they all got at least 3000 followers so some people gotta know them

  • Hazenova is the smoothest of all the little emo b itches.

  • I listened to sewerperson a lot when he had the name 9tails but I don't follow with his music as close anymore and same with guccihighwaters except he didn't change his name.

  • What planet do u come from?

  • From underground soundcloud

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