OMFG!!! I can't believe I just had s** with my bf's dad's gearshifter. I did it because my bf dared me to and my bf didn't even want to me to clean the k*** off. I feel soo intoxicated altho I haven't had a drop of alcohol. My bf is always daring me to do because he knows I'll take a dare in a second. He's a lil chicken but he's hot and knows how to push my buttons in every way and I love him. He says he's gonna tell his about what I did to his shifter and I told him that he better not then dared him to do it. I don't think he'll do it but if he don't I'm gonna bring it up in conversation with him and his dad just to see both their expressions.

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  • Wow that's not good. That shows that he doesn't respect you or see you as a long term partner. No man wants what his father had his d*** in....

  • Classy

  • What will you do if he dares YOU to tell what you did... Hmmmmmmm.

    You should be VERY glad you're not MY girlfriend, girlfriend.

    Oh, and I DARE you to start emailing me for private dares...

  • He has made u a w****

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