One night lesbian

I am happliy married straight female. For the first time ever, I get turned on by a girl, my neighbor. My husband is an eccential worker and I am not. So during the lockdown, a lot of my time is spent with the neighbor. As our relationship grew, we became very relaxed, casual, and trusting. We now visit as is and don't bother dressing up, as there is no need. It's just me attitudes including some risque views without any intent. She always wore bagging clothing which I now realized hid her curvy, tight, sexy body. She is also straight and has a boyfriend. But now I found myself touching me and fantasizing it was her doing the touching. I think how it would be to lick her the way I like to licked and see if I eat her the way I think I could. I don't want a sexual relationship with her but just a one night stand. Obviously this would never work. So I just keep imagining. I have been come more showing and less dressed with time. Maybe she will subconsciously attack me and I won't be able to resist.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • God! I !ike having s** with my husband's friends wife. We tell our husbands we're going shopping and in stead we go to a motel. I love it because we do all the dirty things we don,t dare tell our husbands.

  • I once had s** with another female behind my husbands back. She was coming on to me, my husband was at work and plenty of time to do it. Some how telling myself having a sexual fling with a lesbian wasn't cheatting. As it turned out, she was bisexual and shared me with her husband. I was so embarrassed when he showed naked. I had never felt so h**** getting my p**** sucked with d*** in my mouth. It was dirty s** for two hours, plenty of mind blowing o******. Felt guilty and hard not to do it again.

  • Married woman here too... Wish we were neighbours..

  • Continue and make a move or just ask her. Enjoy yourself.

  • My gf likes to "experiment " with girls. She has several friends she has been with sexually. I say go for it, it can't be planned so I am told it just has to happen. Kiss her and see where it goes from there.

  • Hi, I am a male and heard you and your struggle. I believe you are needing to relieve your curiosity. You will always wish you would have experienced the taste of her. You are also cheating yourself out of the best o***** you have ever experienced with her mouth and lips on your c***. Her p**** is wet for you, and she is already wishing for what you all ready want to experience. She wants to taste you, let her.

  • Honey, go for it!

    You won’t regret it. My neighbor and I have been on “licking terms” for 16 years now since our kids were young.

    About 10 years back Andrea caught my hubby eyeing her crotch during a pool party at our house. Now I have to admit I was eyeing her as well as she was exposing a fair bit of her fire red bush.

    She said let’s teach him a lesson later when we clean up. I was drunk so I said sure. We started cleaning up and I saw that my hubby and her had disappeared. I went in the house and heard a familiar moan. It was Andrea in the midst of o*****. I walked in to the bedroom and Jim was pounding her hard. (He is at least 8 inches and she is like 5 foot 2 with heels).

    I was p*****. That was my hubby f****** my licking partner. They are both mine but not supposed to be together. But then I saw that I never saw JIM f*** so hard or Andrea moan so loud. I started getting excited. When Jim finished inside her I jumped in and began to lick her clean. Then as Ardrea started to O***** again Jim entered me from behind

    Now for the last 10 years we have had incredible s** together

  • Love to see you bye girl heat my watch p**** or lesbian

  • Very interesting ! How did your visits evolve to become naked visits ? Or am I mis-interpreting your story ?

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