I think I got touched

I am a 38 y/o, married woman and mother of four, I stayed at a friends house the other night, We got carried away drinking wine in the hot tub and there were three of us just wearing panties and bras, The husband of girl who's house we were at was gone but her 16 y/o son was there, I drank WAY too much and actually don't remember passing out but my friend says she texted my husband at 3:00 and asked if he wanted to come get me or to just leave me at her house.
She said he told her to tuck me in and send me home when I woke up (He was not impressed), So she says she was the one who helped me into the house and got me into a pair of her sweats and a t-shirt.
I woke up covered in a blanket but my top was pulled up and my b**** were exposed, I don't remember for sure but I think I remember someone touching me, I really hope not, Her husband was home when I woke up but her son was gone and I really hope it was just a dream but I think someone was touching me, I have known her husband for years and don't think he would ever do anything like that but if it was real I had to pull my pants back up and things happened.
I don't want to confront anyone incase it didn't happen and I imagined the whole thing but if it did then I have a serious problem with it, I feel embarrassed and violated, I would never allow someone other than my husband to touch me and I would never touch someone else so for someone to do that to me when i'm passed out is despicable, I really don't think her husband would do that and I don't think he got home until late morning anyway.
I have had s** dreams before, I have woke myself up touching myself before but this feels different, I feel like there are memories of something but I can't get them clear, I feel like if someone did put it in me I would know definitively one way or the other and if they finished I would definitely be able to tell.
I have tried to put it out of my mind and not think about it but I cant, I really hope it was all a bad dream but if it was I don't know why I would dream such a horrible thing.

Jan 17, 2017

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  • You should never get so drunk that you lose control of yourself and pass out, unless you know you are secure, such as at home with your husband. You know that if things happen it is because you left yourself open to it. It was wrong if he did, but at 16 a h**** teen doesn't always think clearly. Just forget this, he obviously didn't have s** with you, and make sure it doesn't happen again. You can drink, just don't go too far, no reason for that, and its' dangerous.

  • Many of us know that dreams are remnants or expansions of our thoughts. Judging from the bizarre method you used in expressing it coupled with inconsistencies in what normally occurs under those circumstances leads a rational analysis to conclude you dreamed of it. Fundamentally, it is not horrible at all to imagine what occurred as real. Our imagination coupled with prior conscious & subconscious thoughts is a key to the composition of our dreams after all. Clearly, your dream was not horrible ; rather it was quite natural for not only what normally occurs, but what most would expect to occur given your inviting, immature, provocative & irresponsible exhibition.
    Being a mature 38 year old should display adult behavior, common sense & accountability. Your dream displayed sorority house shenanigans where impaired girls become the targets for what is considered normal manly sexual aggression. Furthermore, you know as well as anyone, if a gal is passed out, there is plenty of time for multiple men to fulfill their biological need of releasing their s**** into a woman's v*****. Perhaps it's well you failed to include that hypothetical in the scenario.

  • I am pretty sure the teen-age son had a night he won't soon forget.

  • I think you're slowly convincing yourself that something happened. You'll keep it up until you accuse your friends husband or son. And then what? Lives get destroyed from manifestations, remember that before you go accusing someone.

  • Try hypnotherapy, this should help you to relocate those lost memories.

    Good luck

  • First you say you think somebody touched your t*** as your top was pulled up,then at the end you say you think somebody f***** you!!! confusing really as I'm sure you would have woken either during the course of him pulling your sweat pants off and certainly during the actual course of taking his c***!!! Were the pants off when you awoke or did they miraculously get themselves back on? maybe you just had a little play with yourself after drinking and having naughty thoughts it happens and sometimes it takes a while to remember

  • Everyone is different and reacts differently, when intoxicated.

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