Janie, Queen of my Nights

I met Janie in high school. The first time I saw her I thought how sexy she was and I knew then I wanted her. I talked with her and we became good friends fast. I was calling her at night sometimes and we talked about lots of things. Then one day I asked her what she would do if I kissed her. She replied probably kiss back. So one day as we were heading to class from one level to the next. We paused in the stairwell and kissed. Oh my her kisses were so good. Soon we were making out like crazy. I got so excited that I would end up cuming in my pants. She could feel how hard I was pressed against her.

Then one day everyone was headed to an assembly at the end of school day. We hung back and went into an office that belonged to one of the teachers. There we kissed and groped each other. I put my hand down the back of her skirt and felt her sexy bottom. I rubbed her as we made out. Then when I moved my hand around to the front just as my fingers were touching hair she said, "be nice." I thought I am being nice. I said let make love right now on the desk. She said but what if we get caught we'll get expelled. I said who cares Janie I just want you. She said no not here I don't want our first time to be here.

So we went home but all I could think about was Janie. We went out one time and nothing much happened but a lot of kissing and touching. I wanted more from her cause I was in love with her. One problem she had a boyfriend at her work. She told him that she didn't want a boyfriend but he kind of weaseled his way in. I knew she was with him and I mean with him. I asked why? I told her that I loved her and she should be with me. I told her to tell him you want to be with me. She did but he just wouldn't take a hint. So we started going out and we finally made love in my car. I told her I wanted more and this wasn't a one time thing. She said she loved me also and stopped seeing Robert. She was mine all mine. She was the Queen of my nights and still is. Yes I know how lucky I am.

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