For my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. What do you think, ladies?


You’re far away…but I would cross the galaxy for you.
Wherever L****** is, that is where I most want to be.

My world comes to life when you’re around,
Like the sun drawing life from the ground.

You bring a new rhythm to my heart,
And I feel your voice in my lungs…
drawing it in to absorb your words for safe-keeping.
You’re the magic of my life.
I take one look at your beautiful eyes and my joy is commensurate.

You’re the only woman I want.
After all, there is so much to have.
I want to give you the best man I can be.

My love for you is the purest manifestation of bliss.
No other woman could matter this much.

I love you, L*******, straight from the nucleus of my heart.
I can’t wait to kiss you and hold you against me,
Wearing you like a garment,
Knowing I would feel naked without you.

Life is empty without you.
I want it to be with you that I live it to the fullest.

My love for you is the precious part of my heart,
Come claim it,
And watch it replenish every time you come for more.

I love you, I love you, I love you.
I love you, L******.
I love you.

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