Wife fantasy comes true

My wife and i often use role playing in our s** .we do play im a stranger or we just met . anyway i also seen she liked certain friend of ours husband . i could see way she looked at him and him.het . one night during s** i was using a d**** on her and she was blindfolded . i said u thinking of me been a stranger . yes . well why dont u think of someone we know . i wss using the toy n could see she getting turned on . n i said i know who ur thinking of . went quite who .n i said tyler . she paused and then said yes i am . it turned me on . i went down on her n she pulled me in .oh tyler . she called out . her wanting him made me so h**** . i opened her legs n my c*** slid in deep . her calling tyler not to stop . i want ur c** inside me tyler . have to admit was exciting . . . wonder would she and tyler do it for real

Feb 6, 2021

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  • It's been some years now so some may be a bit fuzzy. My first wife was rather conservative looking but quite pretty really. she and I were involved in a church music group. After a few years together one of the fellas was sort of attracted to my wife. In fact she was meeting him on the sly which really p***** me off. At first I was perplexed and wanted to beat the s*** out of him but thought up something a bit twisted but if it did we both could benefit. One night driving back from making a tape this fella was next to my wife in the front seat and they were playing footsy and her leg was against his. For some reason or another I saw it, in an instant slid my hand over to my wife and put my hand under her skirt, slid it up and was trying to finger her p**** through her panties. She said no, but I said if you guys are going to mess in front of me lets make it a threesome. Dave(the fella) laughed and said why not and he reached for her blouse and started to undo her buttons. Before she knew it she was sitting back legs apart t*** exposed and we were doing everything but f****** her. She liked it she admitted after we got home. That is when I arranged for Dave to come over when we had gotten to bed, I blindfolded her and told her we were going to have a fun night. Dave slipped in, took his clothes off as I instructed snuck into our bedroom. When I had her all hot and wet and the sheets were off, she came next to our bed, and slid his c*** into her mouth. She was totally taken back but when I said it's Dave's c*** she went nuts sucking him off and I f***** her for the first time in her ass. after he came, he slid under the sheets and we both f***** her again and did a 69 too.

  • I tease my wife by telling her I am going to get her a young black student to sleep with her and shoot his load in her. It really turns her one too. One night she said, "Promises, Promises, and nothing". I took the hint and found a young black stud and brought him home for her. She loved it.

  • My wife is a teacher as well at a local school. I remember her saying one night as we watched some p*** together that she wondered if she could handle a big black c*** like was in the movie. Having been with several black women and men in my day, I said lets find out. She laughed and said oh yea, right.
    A few days later, I found a young black guy that was willing to f*** her. Without her knowing, I had arranged for him to come over one night as we were watching another p*** movie with another big black c*** in it. She was getting very aroused from the movie. I had left the back door unlocked for him to sneak into the house and wait outside of our bedroom until i called him in. I could feel she was really wet while I was fingering her p**** and I said I bet you would like that big black c*** about now wouldn't you to which she spoke oh yea, would love to see how it would feel. At that moment I called Brian in. The look on her face was unreal. Brian had already removed his clothes in the hallway and had a raging h****** from watching us playing. All she could say was for real? And I said oh yes, for real. Enjoy!
    Without any hesitation he began to kiss her b****** and fingure her wet p**** as she moaned. The foreplay was short, and before you know it, he was between her legs ramming his 8 inch c*** up her c*** deep and hard. She was moving all over the place, moaning, and screaming as he f***** her hard and deep. She kept saying over and over, he's too big, it hurts, but soon that turned only to moans of l*** and her screaming for him to f*** her, f*** her hard. Before you knew it, he rammed into one last good lunge spraying his massive load of c** into her as she came screaming she was c****** at the same time.
    He laid on top of her for a few seconds recovering before getting off and laying along side her on the bed. Now it was my turn. I dove down between her legs licking his c** out of her soaked p**** before f****** her myself.

  • I also often tell my wife tobrole play im someone else during s** and i call out the names mostly people we both know . when i say one name i can see her getting aroused and it always makes her c** . lucky me always there to lick it up . love taste of her c** .

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