Terrible mother

I know my son has started masturbating with my used panties and at first I was disgusted by it, however I was recently doing the washing and I was picking up clothes in our bathroom hamper when I felt something warm and wet in my hand. I pulled out a pair of my panties that he had used and hidden at the bottom of the hamper. I couldnt help myself from smelling it and how it excited it made me. Ive bought several pairs of very sexy lace panties and I check the hamper every day to see if they have been used

Feb 7, 2021

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  • Seems like he´s displaying some worrying anti-social behavior. Maybe as a mother you should put up a hidden camera to really see what´s going on before it´s too late

  • Is he going to be Happy!!!!!

  • Let him have his fun my boy started at 15. But when he was 17 I took it to another level. I was in my robe lead him to my bed. Dropped my robe and layed down nude except for red lace panties. He was stripped in 30 seconds. We faced each other Bobby was hard already and I slip his c*** between the panties and my p****.

    I began moving my hips and his c*** got rock hard and I was soaking wet. In a few minutes he came soaking the panties and my p**** with his c**. I was so turned on I came at the same time. It felt so good. I no man had ever made me c** so hard.

    But go on the pill if you do it. We would do it that way 2 or 3 times a day and on his 18th birthday I realize I was 2 months pregnant. After that we just started making love and he would c** in me. Why not I was having his child.

    Our daughter is 25 now. We still f*** like crazy, but we still play our panties game every night!

    Join your son. No other man will ever love you or be completely faithful like you son.

  • And your kid has mental retardation from being an inbred

  • It's better to not deny that you are attracted to the idea of his being interested in you-sexually.
    Why not seduce him and satisfy desire mutually ?
    You get a new young lover who will always be available and you don't have to tell anyone.

  • Why are many concessions involving panty stealing and c****** in them?

  • Absolutely love this very pertinent question.

  • Why let him develop an obsession with panties at all?
    Let him have your photo on front of him while he plays me-me or if you aren't against incest, introduce him to what a woman is like.
    course, you have to keep it a secret and only he too wants it.

  • If your son is under 15, you should tell him to start shaving his legs and go on ebay and buy him a 1950s Girl Scout uniform dress and handbook. Have him meet all of the Tenderfoot requirements and have a pinning ceremony. Everything he needs to learn about being a girl is in the Handbook.
    If that doesn't scare him, at least he'll be helpful around the house.

  • Your son is normal.
    I watched my mum undressing when I was 13 until I was about 20.
    I always sniffed her dirty knickers and wanked as I watched.
    Mum knew what I did.
    She caught me in the act once on my knees with her knickers round my face and my c*** in my hand.
    Mum just snatched her knickers and left the room without saying a word.

  • Shame it didn't progress for you two.

  • Things did progress after about six years of mum knowing I wanked with her dirty knickers and me asking several times if I could f*** her.
    On my 19th birthday in January 1982 mum asked me if I still.wanted to have s** with her and gave me instructions how to undress her and have a good look at her before she finally let me f*** her hairy f****.

  • Didn't you shave her? Didn't you sneeze with the wool entering your nostrils?

  • Not terrible, just alive. How old is he, btw?

  • Wow not the typical mom

  • You should be tied with those panties in your mouth while he gives you an ana l therapy

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