I am a secret sissy

I am submissive to my Girlfriend of 7 years. I wear panties full time, she shaves my whole body except for my head. I wear nighties and stocking sometimes when we play but I don't dress or identify as a woman. I am frequently spanked and locked in a chastity device. Nobody knows about this except for she and I. She has lately admitted that she has told one of her friends at work about our relationship. I know the lady and it is very embarrassing for me and not sure how i will react whenever and see her again.

Feb 8, 2021

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  • SecretSissy; I can relate to your story. Right now I am wearing nylon lace panties, a gorgeous lace full slip, and a very pretty nightgown on top of that. It is just after noon and I am in the bedroom with a “headache”, while my wife entertains some of her friends in the next room; two of which my wife apparently told about my crossdressing. The problem is, I don’t know which two of the four!

    I work with two of the four women so I hope it’s not them, or do I? It might be exciting to be under-dressed in beautiful lingerie while at work and knowing that one or two of the women know I am probably wearing lingerie right then. My wife has mentioned that one day soon she is going to call them and have them “inspect” my outfit and send her a picture. Just the thought makes me excited, a little scared, nervous but definitely excited.

    Maybe it will happen tomorrow. We aren’t in the office as much due to Covid but we have a big meeting tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  • I'm submissive to my wife, even on our wedding day I wore white lacy panties and she pegged me that night. She has told a few of her friends over time, they pretend they don't know but I've seen the looks. It's fun in a way.

    But recently my wife told her mother. My MIL is still reasonably attractive but nothing like she was 10 years ago. She has not played it cool, she threw some of her panties at me whilst folding the laundry and smirked, that's how I found out she knew. A few weeks left a pair on her bed and said to try them on. Having secretly worn her underwear in the past I happily obliged and showed herafter, me in her underwear trying to keep a full erection covered. I went and changed and she later was wearing them. My wife has no idea!

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