Pay back on husband

My husband doesn't like my cousin always accusing me of sleeping with him,ive had feelings for him ever since i was 14 but nothing has ever happened between us,I got married 5 years ago and everyone told me i was making a mistake and they we're right because 2 years later i came home and found him and my best mate having s** in the living room,I chucked my wedding ring at him and ran out made my mind up i was going to make something happen with my cousin,I phoned my cousin and told him i wanted s** with him and we still sleeping together 3 years on.

Feb 10, 2021

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  • You're a dirty b****!

  • A little advice, are you still friends with the girl your hubby was f******?

    If so, get a little girl/girl relationship going then you can have her seduce your husband. Walk in on them be quiet. Let him know your there just as he begins to finish off in her. Then you jump in and lick her clean. It will be an incredible turn on for all, but don’t let him f*** you as he will want to f*** you from behind.

    Lick her clean. Then lick up her body and give her a deep French Kiss while you thrush your c*** on her rubbing up and down. Then take the top position of the 69. You girls go at it.

    When your done tell him. “Thank you honey, I’ve been wanting to get in her pants for years”

  • Watch some popeye cartoons

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