Judgmental a-holes

Most of the people that reply to stories on this site are ignorant judgmental a-holes that couldn't find their own ** with both hands a map and a flashlight! They are just on this site for name calling. They wouldn't know a true story if they were personally involved in it! If you don't like the stories then don't come to the site.

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When you fire someone don't tell them to have a nice day while th

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  • I agree with you. I wonder about the negative or jealous approach I see in so many responses. Carry on friend. You make a very good point.

  • Posts like this crack me up. Remember in school when some little princess type didn't get something she wanted and covered up her hurt little fee-fees by saying the other person was fat, or jealous, or some other no-brainer adjective? That's exactly what posts like this are. Some underdeveloped moron came on here looking for validation and didn't get it, so now everyone here is meeeeeeean.

    Your bitter tears are DELICIOUS.

  • You’re a colostomy bag with ears. Get down from your high horse and pretend you have something of substance to contribute to society.

  • Hey! Be nice.. Who are you to judge us?

  • Yes....we just love to troll. It gives us some sort of happiness by belittling jackoss like you

  • Nobody cares

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