Caught My Mom Cheating

None of my friends believe me when I share this story so I figured this would be a good place to tell a interesting story.

As from the title, I caught my mom cheating when I was 12. We had a half day at school that day and it was around 1PM when I got home. My mom always worked from home so I knew she was home. When I walked in I heard loud moaning and groaning and it was coming from her room. So I rushed over to her room and opened the door... What I saw next is a sight I could never forget no matter how much I tried. There was my mom with 2 black men getting double penetrated and another one sitting in the corner that looked like he already finished. The look on my moms face was a mix of shame and shock. All the guys trying to cover up but I had already seen everything. She decided to asked the guys to leave and wanted to talk to me and explain how and why. Honestly, I was too shocked on what was happening to listen. I was stuck on the fact that my is a cheating w****.

I haven't caught her since but I'm also sure she would never risk getting caught at home again.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • I think she was getting paid your mom .

  • So what was her explanation?

    Are you sure she wasn't going out to meet them?

    Once one gets addicted, one can never get over these things.

    There was a confession elsewhere, wherein the story ( allegedly real)took a very nasty turn and the mom begged the son to not tell his dad upon which the son started having s** with her.
    This site is no longer available or else I would have provided the url.

  • She said it was the first time she ever did anything like that. That the men came over to do some work and they were flirting a bit back and forth. She said she did not intend anything to happen but they were telling her how beautiful she was and she was getting a bit embarrassed.

    She said she then walked in on one of the men in the bathroom while he was peeing. She said that she never saw a man that large and could not stop staring at it. He then walked over to her and the next thing she knew she was sucking him off.

    Then the others walked in and the rest was history.

    I believe her. I don’t think she planned it and yes those guys were HUGE. I don’t know how my mom was able to take them on. I bet it hurt!

  • Just this once? The first experience doesn't have to be the last and for all you know, she might be meeting them elsewhere under the guise of going out to the shopping mall.
    Why not take over from them and satisfy her yourself?
    This way, there won't be anybody catching her unawares.

  • Oh wow. Your mom is a lucky lady. I’m 49 year old mother of three and did not have the pleasure of BBC until last year when I had s** with my son’s twin track buddies.

    It was my first DP as well.

    My hubby has a 8 inch c*** but I never felt as full our satisfied as those two young men make me feel

  • How large is your son? Get the doses of the big O at home with him.No one will know.

  • I will NOT have s** with my son. He is very attentive but NO

  • Why not? It's risky doing it with outsiders as you expose yourself to being uploaded to the net , blackmailed, extorted , bullied to sleep around with their friends and nasty infections such as tuberculosis.
    Incest is safer and the lover is always available.
    Ponder this.

  • I don’t have s** with stranger. Only people I know that way I reduce the risk.

    Incest is wrong

  • We're these buddies large to stretch you or it was just fantasy come true?

  • Both I’d been fantasizing about them for some time. But when I saw them skinny dipping in our pool this summer I couldn’t stop watching. Them through the master bedroom window.

    They were huge. My hubby is well hung for a white guy (about 8 inches fully erect). But these boys looked huge and they were flaccid jumping in and out of the pool. I couldn’t help but start to pleasure myself in the chair by the door to the pool. I was really getting into it had my eyes closed and was about to climax when the door to our bedroom opened. The boys said, “.Mrs M, looks like you could use some help”. I said “No”. And continue to finger myself. I started to c** and said “We can’t I’m old enough to be your mother”

    They said I know “ we have wanted to be with you since we we like 12. You are the hottest mother we know.” They walked toward me with their now hard c**** in hand. And the rest was just AMAZING

  • Are you continuing with them and does your hubby know?

  • The boys are off at university as they had just graduated high school. We enjoyed the summer and the winter break.

    My hubby doesn’t know. Although he almost caught us one day this summer they were over swimming and I sent my hubby to the grocery store as we were going to grill hamburgers when my son returned got home frown work.

    The twins and I rushed to the bed room and got busy. Just as I finished sucking one of them off we heard the gara door open. The other twin rushed to finish off inside my p**** and then they snuck out my bedroom door to the pool just as Jim entered the room. I was laying in bed under the sheets naked. Jim smiled and said, “ honey are you waiting for me? How about I have a little snack from your s***** before I fire up the grill then you can swim while I grill. You can show those boys how lucky of a man I am and how beautiful a 49 year old white mother of three can be. Then we can come back here and play while they listen to us make wild love.”

    I couldn’t resist. Jim eats me out all the time and is amazing at it. He dove under the covers and started licking me. He pulled the cover off gave me a kiss and whispered, “ honey, your sooo freaking wet. I can’t wait for desert.” Then he dropped down and did not stop till I had an incredible o*****. I had always wanted him to f*** me the. Eat me but he never would.

    The thought of him eating me out with the cumm of both the twins inside me drove me absolutely wild

  • Thanks.
    It seems that your are visiting this site frequently, like me.

  • Yes. I love reading about others and I like sharing my experiences

    Where are you from?

    Maybe we can meet up and create an experience we can post together?

  • Yep.Let's. How about sharing your email?
    Create one with Mailfence and let me know.

  • Sure thing.Aren't you happy with hubby?
    Has he given you tacit permission to go ahead with any man you like to?
    How can you assure me that he won't kill me once he finds about you and me?

  • I’m still happily married. My husband does not know I have been with others.

    But we do often have a 3 way with our neighbor when her husband is away. I love watching him f*** her hard as he is 6 foot 2 and hung while our neighbor ( my lady friend) is 5 foot nothing and he pounds her so hard.

    I watch him fill her up then lick her clean.

    Sometimes I lay beneath her while they doggie to watch

    When I am real lucky my hubby does me from behind while I do my “cleaning duties”

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