Why not me?

I read about how some people were used or sexually abused as children by family members or even strangers gratifying their purient perversions. That the situation might continue for years without anyone being one being the wiser..
One of my most desired wishes.. Why not me? Now, all I have is this confession to the anonymous..



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  • I was groped a couple of times by my aunt (not blood) where she put her hand down my pants and held my d***. This was when i was about 11 years old. When i was around 16 she really tried getting me alone so many times i knew she had a sexual agenda the way she used to look at me but i never gave her that opportunity. Gross

  • I've always been interested and fascinated by girls who were sexually abused. How so many keep it a secret and sexually messes them up.

    But also how brazen that person was to do it. I mean I wish I couldve done if, but the risk and perversion over weighs that.

    I often fantasise I'm that family member or stranger

  • ...always a great hubbub about girls when it comes to the attention of the public, but little mention of boys..
    I read once about a technique used by nannies, of an earlier generation, to quiet squalling children when putting them to bed. Apparently, it was pretty common for nannies to share this (secret) quieting method. I wonder how many ordinary moms use the same method?

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