I need to starve myself

I’m 12 and i’m almost 300 pounds. i need to starve myself. i’ve been bullied for my weight my whole life . i’m failing school and to top it off i f****** cut myself. i hate me. so much. i’m a disappointment and i feel like my mom doesn’t love me anymore. it’s so hard to focus and it’s so hard to feel motivated to do anything. i started chew and spitting today. i cut myself again after my mom told me to do my late assignments and fix my grades or else i’ll fail 7th grade. i can’t do s***. i hate myself. i deserve all the pain i feel everyday. i deserve this.

Feb 16, 2021

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  • I'm sorry that you're going through this. I know you must be struggling a lot but done give up please, things can get better. You don't deserve pain. And also, you don't need to starve yourself, I know how hard it is when everyone is telling you you're not good enough but there are other ways to improve your life. If you want to lose weight try not to have soda and junk food. But please keep feeding your body, all sizes deserve food. I wish you the best, I know I haven't met you but I'm here for you and I'm rooting for you❤️

  • Your amzing dont give up

  • Have a donut, Fatso!

  • People are mean. Learn who YOU are and be the best YOU. Let everything else fall by the wayside. People will give you their opinions without asking. Dont listen. Just focus on being the best YOU you can be and you cant lose.

  • I thank Jason Fung and the Snake Diet for my success. If there is anything I learned from these two YouTube channels, it definitely is that we have been lied to about everything about fat loss. You should really just focus on a fasting and One Meal A Day (OMAD) diet with healthy choices. DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR. They will just have some stupid argument going against it. Listen to Jason Fung cause he's not just any doctor himself. He has helped many people and has proven that fasting actually is the key to fat loss. Start off with your diet then when you hit a plateau, start implementing exercise. Good luck to you!

  • Hey, Don't give up. It's ok, I'm also going through stuff right now and want to end it all, we can get through this together!

  • Thank you, your such a kind soul.

  • Changed my mind. Jill yourself for the sake of the rest of us!

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