Why I wear pantyhose

Pantyhose needs to make a spectacular return to everyday life and fashion. Culture is now filled with what I call slob fashion. Class, dignity and pride in appearance are rare anymore. Jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops and yoga pants say "I don't care" very loudly. There was a day when a woman wouldn't be caught dead without her pantyhose. She knew how classy, professional and ** they made her look. She also knew it was a statement to her husband that she liked to look good for him as well as herself. Yoga pants are a statement that says they haven't shaved their legs lately.

Please your man in pantyhose, especially the suntan colored style. Stand out from the boring crowd. It brings a certain power and confidence when you care enough to stand out from the crowd. Here is a little experiment. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Wear a dress or stand there **. Pull some tan pantyhose on to one leg only, all the way to the top of your thigh. Leave the other leg bare. Take a long look. See how much difference it makes on the leg you dressed compared to the leg you didn't.

My man adores me in pantyhose. We have a long, affectionate and caring relationship. I notice other men staring at my legs too. They are probably wishing they had a woman who would step up and care about being a classy, sensual lover as well as a confidant woman who is not affected by the slob mentality so common among women today.

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  • So true! My wife wears pantyhose, thigh highs and knee highs for me very often and especially during love making. She knows of my fetish for her beautiful feet and legs in hose, especially flesh color and tan hose, and that it keeps me happy. It keeps our bedroom fun exciting. When we are out and about she knows I’m starting at her all day in them. And I love the look on her face after I slowly undress her to just her pantyhose or stockings or knee highs as we get into bed. I begin to caress her feet and legs and tell her how the site of her dressed in hose has been exciting me all day. And then I tell her what I want to do to her. And every time we are about to climax she makes sure her one or both of her silky smooth feet is in position for me to enjoy as I fill her hot box.

  • Thank you. It is nice to know someone understands. I wear them every day and also realize the ** attraction they are in the bedroom. I've been married to the same man for 39 years and he loves to ravish me in my pantyhose. We probably make love more than most couples in their 20's or 30's. Try it girls, before some vixen in pantyhose becomes more interesting to your man than you are.

  • So true. Just wear a skirt and pantyhose, walk into a room at work, home, church, shopping, a date, or wherever. Enjoy the reaction. People appreciate a woman who has that kind of confidence and respond positively over time. Class up your act. Use your legs as the great asset they are and dress them in hosiery.

  • I think the thousands of pantyhose sites on pinterest and tumblr back you up. There are also tons of pantyhose sites that are for mature viewing only. There is no doubt the women who understand the sheer power of pantyhose have an advantage. Whether for professional or personal style reasons a woman in pantyhose has the advantage.

  • I agree with you. I also recognize the attention I get in my pantyhose and I love it! I enjoy standing out from the crowd and I also love the allure of pantyhose in the bedroom where my husband responds with enthusiasm and gratitude!

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