Why Aren't More [Western] Men Gay?

The rich White man who hates his wife so plays golf all weekend with his 'buddies' and bad mouths his family to his beloved man-friends, or the guy who goes to the bar after work to hang with the fellas all night just so he can prolong his trip back home to a woman he doesn't even like and when he does get home, he beats up his wife. Or the Black male who mistreats and abuses his woman, has multiple baby mommas, praises the White woman above his own, when all he really wants is to be loved and accepted by White men.

Honestly, why aren't more western men gay? It seems the majority don't even like women. I chose White men and Black males for a reason. Women around the world have figured something is wrong. Judging by what's happening, it seems that more men should just leave women alone, admit they like ** and just get their ** from other men. Maybe it's time for them to be honest.

May 19

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Attracted to the frigid type?

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