What should I do?

When i started dating my girlfriend I didn't know she was **, but only when she asked me to spank did i realize. We've been dating for 2 years now and I don't know how to respond to that. I except and love her for who she is, but i don't want to HURT her hurt her, you know? We're on our last year of high school, are we to young to spank? Should I try it?

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I like to dress in girly clothes & **

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  • She is not ** she is a young woman. And as a 50 year old woman I can tell you there is nothing better than rough **.

    If you want some practice let me know I’d be glad to be your pin cushion as you work on your skills. I enjoy helping young men learn how to satisfy a woman. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of satisfying a woman and too many men never master this skill.

  • Go full send bro. You won't regret it. She will turn into a total animal for you.

  • We all have a fetish or two,maybe more. Most don't admit it.
    My wife when we were dating had a knock out fetish. She got into a fight with another girl at school and after wrestling around and lossing most of her clothes was finally knocked out by the other girl.
    When it was described to her by her girlfriend how she looked lying unconscious on the grass with her ** exposed and her legs apart totally out cold it turned her on.
    We were making out in my bedroom one day after school and she confessed how much it made her wet to get knocked out with everybody watching.
    She spotted my boxing gloves and wanted me to knock her out but I wouldn't hit her that hard so we just did roleplay and knocked each other out.
    It was like foreplay and great **.

  • We all have some thing that we like..
    So just go with it and have fun with it.
    I'm a Crossdresser and when I told my GF at the time she said I'M a Girly Girl too. To make a long story short we have been married for over 30 years and we shop together in the woman's department and have lots more fun than most other married couples and are very close and we can talk about anything!!
    A young sales woman came up to my wife and told her " I want my new boyfriend to be just like him ".
    So it really does show, when your really happy others, can see it in your relationship.
    HAVE FUN WITH HER!!!!!!!

  • She is human, that is all!!!!!!

  • Honey, if you don’t fulfill her needs she will find someone who will.

    You should definitely listen to her and do what she wants.

    You should also look for an older woman to be your coach. A woman in her late 30s or older. Maybe an Aunt or neighbor. It would be great for you to tell them about your sexual exploits and ask them for advice. Also flirt a bit with your “coach”. If you play your cards right your “coach” will be more than happy to spend time with you and practice having ** with you so that you can WOW your GF.

    I have personally “coached” my daughter’s BF (now husband) and a few of my sons friends.

  • That's not being **. That's called being a woman!

  • Grow up you idiot or she will leave you one day

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