Kill all men

I hate it when dudes tell women to go back to the kitchen but they can’t go to work ? Like dude get your ass up go to work and support me and my kids if that’s how you wanna be women have to do everything just to get a man and it’s unfair when we have standards you guys bash us and bring us down for wanting the bar minimum f****** losers

Feb 18, 2021

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  • B****, go crawl in a hole and die🖕🏿!

  • He’s a loser, but you picked him. You might want to pull that plank out of your eye.

  • Sis no if I don’t wanna date someone they put me down and say I’m just a stupid women with to much standards even tho they tell everyone she has to be perfect lol girls can have preference and standards

  • Hahaha

  • Eat s***, you crazy s****.

  • Your the problem you fat diabetic loser b**** can’t get p****

  • "YOU'RE"! It's "YOU'RE", you f***** one b**** think tank! L****!!

  • Loser

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