Coca Cola wants its white employees to act less white

Ok so how do whites act less white? Do we come to work late, leave early, take one hour for break when the break is only supposed to be ten minutes long? Do we start laying around and f****** instead of holding a job? Do we make babies we can't support and then disappear? If your a woman do you have a number of children the father of whom is unknown? Do we murder people on the same scale as blacks currently do?

Enthrall me with your acumen.

Feb 20, 2021

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  • F*** Coca Cola and their woke bullshit, I bet none of their executives are moolies.

  • To the persons responding to this post. Please read a "book" on occasion. Like all liberals you use the word "racist" for everything. Please look up the definition. The word you should learn to use is "bigotry". Please educate yourself...

  • Coca Cola is s*** and so is the woke crap

  • I adhere to the Popeye Doctrine: I yam what I yam.

  • Where is the proof that Coke wants white people to act more white? Sounds like you made this s*** up just so you could titillate yourself by spouting a bunch of stereotypes against black people. At least you could have told us a story about f****** your Mom or sister , that would have made a better post. Idiot.

  • Stop being so racist

  • I agree. Original post written by a racist t***. I'm white and have the brains to realise skin colour means nothing.
    It's the individual person that matters.

  • This is the stupidest comment there could be.
    The word racist doesn't even have a meaning in 2021 cause it has been overused and watered down. America is not a racist country so much as activists push an agenda of racism in order to draw in money.
    If people stop listening to MSM, Hollywood, politicians, people white and black could heal themselves within a week.

    "Stop being so racist" go f*** yourself with that comment.
    Blacks need to get out of the handout mentality and whites need to stop feeling ashamed of being white.

  • Libs will stand all over blacks to advance their agendas. If a black man tows the line, he might even get on a diversity board with a bunch of white liberal women. Nothing screams diversity like a bunch of people with different skin colors, but all think the same.

  • They are all hypocrites they hate minorities

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