Love for milfs

I m 20 yrs old i love mature women idk why but i never got any its my fantasy to once f*** milf if any interested drop your contact here😘

Feb 21, 2021

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  • You are so young, are you sure you wanna do this? You don't want to give into something that you will later regret. Some people think they want a tattoo and end up regretting it. They're be no turning back think about it before you get that desperate. They're plenty of women your age that are still single. You really don't need an old hag to make you feel complete or mature. Don't let these old hags rob you of your innocence.

  • I'm sixty-eight y.o. and throughout my life I have made love to many women who were twenty to forty years older than me. It is a very nice experience. I recommend it highly. Most areas have escort sites where you might meet a variety of older women who are willing to see you. By the way, this is Sunday and I just turned on my computer after waking up and making love to my 71 y.o. wife. It was a "Hall of Fame" performance and I love her dearly. Good luck kid. I understand what you are feeling.

  • Oh sweetie

    Have you ever had s**? I hope not. I love being the first.

    I hope I’m not too old for you.

    I’ve been married for 25 years. I’m 50 years old and a mother of 4I gave natural birth to all three ages 21, 18, 15 and 12I breast fed them all till they were two so my breast are not as perky as they once were.

    I have dark brown hair with a touch of grey and blue eyes. My complexion is a bit on the pale side. My measurements are 38 - 28 - 40. My husband’s pet name for me is “BB” which stand for bubble butt. As I said earlier my b****** are not all that perky but they squeeze into a D cup and my huge red areoles have poky nipples.

    I do not shave my bush as the hubby prefers it natural but I do trim it up a bit so it’s quite bushy. It “under control”. A work of warning though, I do have large l**** that hang out a bit.

    Let me know if your interested. I’d love to show you what a mature woman can do.

  • Im interested in the person who posted married 25 old 50 year i left my email mrs its just making sure you know i left my email for you to reply

  • Hi i would be interested Mrs i did not post this but im interested here is my email

  • Very Interested azrael669@aol

  • Stevepeterpaul@gmail

  • Id love to see or know what you can do. leave me your email address sweetie

  • What would you like me to do sweetheart

  • When I my mum was 50 and I was 18 mum let me f*** her hairy bush for the first time. I loved every minute.
    We had s** once or twice a week for about ten years.
    Mum was 5ft tall and brunette.
    Mum hardly trimmed her pubes - just enough to ensure the uncut hairs didn't escape from her knickers .
    I adored her hairy c*** !!!

  • Well then sounds like you have experience with older women. I’m 5 foot 8 so quite a bit taller than you mom.

    But best of all not your mom. I would not be able to do what your mom did. I have taught some of my son’s friends and “trained” my daughter’s fiancé (by the way he is going to be an excellent husband).

  • You might be tall but that's irrelevant when you're on your back.
    Describe yourself and what you would enjoy.
    You have a full bush ?
    Hair colour ?
    Big t*** ?

  • 5 foot 8

    38 - 30 - 40 with D cup

    Not as perky after nursing the kids. White with large dark areoles

    Long dark brown hair with a full curly bush with rather large l****.

    I prefer to ride

  • Brings back memories .
    I would f*** you !
    You've the same full brunette bush as my mum, your t*** are bigger at 38D cups
    ( I could play with them all day ).
    Mum's t*** 34B.
    As I've said all women are the same height laying down.
    I'm currently imagining getting your t*** out,
    Taking your knickers down and f****** that hairy c*** ! So good !
    I wonder who 's the best f*** ?
    You or my mum ?
    I need a w*** now thinking about that.

  • Honey, I know that I would be a much better f*** that your mom.

    First off I’m not going to lie on my back. You will do that. I will plant my bush in your face while I suck on your c*** to make it nice and hard.

    Then I am going to turn around and kiss you so I can have a taste of my p****’s juices. Then I’m going to rub my wet p**** on your chest. Slide that wet bush down slowly and let you suck on my b******. Then I’m going to pull them away as I slide my bush down your body till your c*** enters

    Then I am going to ride your c*** so hard. You will be screaming for your mommy to save you!

  • Mmm. If only. We can dream.

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